Engage Britain

100% perfect performance for the Engage Britain website

Image showing homepage of Engage Britain website

Project overview

UK charity Engage Britain was founded at the end of 2019 with the belief that to address the challenges that Britain is facing today, the people living in the country must be at the heart of any solution. 

The charity calls for people to come together, despite their differences, to find common ground that we can build on, with a view to creating practical responses in uncertain times. To achieve this, Engage Britain needed a website that would appeal to all audiences across the country. 

We worked closely with Engage Britain, and branding agency BrandCap, to understand their goals and vision. In the end, we created a site that has achieved a 100% performance score across all areas from accessibility to a perfect page loading time, which helped to get thousands of people visiting the site within days of its launch.


  • Polis polling software integration 
  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Flourish integration 
  • Flexible and modular pages


C02 per page view


Lighthouse Accessibility score



Creating a concept

Following an in depth discovery with the Engage Britain team, we knew we needed to create something striking, that would appeal to a range of audiences and also convey a serious message in as positive a way as possible. 

We collaborated with BrandCap to develop a minimalist design style, centred around the concept of “positive redaction”. This unique design fits in perfectly with Engage Britain – who have a very unique mission. Making sure that their site stood out and spoke to the public in a simple and transparent way was of utmost importance. 

Minimal design

The main message of the Engage Britain website is simple – get involved in the conversation for a better Britain. To keep the focus on taking action, the team opted for a minimalist design with clear CTAs and messages.

The minimalist design also alludes to Engage Britain’s values of transparency and clarity. Users can see the people and partners behind this amazing organisation, as well as clear messages about what Engage Britain plans to do as a charity.

Image showing homepage of Engage Britain website

Public Engagement

Getting people talking is Engage Britain’s biggest mission. The most important part of the website is where Engage Britain asks the public for their opinion on the challenges that need to be tackled to make Britain a better place. Powered by polling software Polis, website visitors can vote on anonymous statements that have been submitted by others. Users are presented with a statement relating to a certain challenge Britain faces – for example, relating to Brexit, healthcare or immigration. Users can vote as to whether they agree or disagree with the statement, or if they want to skip it. Users can also submit their own thoughts about the biggest challenges facing Britain, which other users can then vote on.

Image showing Polis interface, where people can share their opinions and agree or disagree with others'

Results from the conversation will be analysed and released to the public, so that Engage Britain can start conversations about what issues society agrees on – and what issues are the most divisive. Embedded Flourish tables and data visualisations will help to make these results a rich and highly informative experience for users.

Driving meaningful change

Engage Britain’s ultimate goal is to find a way to start conversations around the most divisive issues and build solutions – together. Custom-built challenge pages will help the team at Engage Britain to showcase the progress of various challenges over time. Intuitive timelines show how conversations have progressed and what key milestones have been reached. Reports and results will be shared along the way to help drive the conversation forward.

Image of Engage Britain timeline - 'The story so far'

We are so thrilled to have been a part of this project and we are excited to see where Engage Britain goes in the future. We believe that as an organisation, they have the potential to drive meaningful and impactful change across the UK.