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It’s baked into everything we do. Find out what digital sustainability is and how we can help you reduce the emissions of your website.

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Digital services are physical too.

When consider the factors that contribute to climate change, the idea of browsing the internet is unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. But everything we do online requires energy and therefore has a carbon footprint.

We didn’t realise this until 2016, when we applied to become a B Corp and found out that digital doesn’t mean non-physical. Ever since then, digital sustainability has been at the core of everything we do and in 2021, one of our co-founders, Tom Greenwood, wrote the book, Sustainable Web Design.

We consider ourselves to be pioneers in the field of digital sustainability, and offer a range of services and resources to help drive down digital emissions across the world.

A lower carbon website delivers:

Reduced carbon emissions

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Higher speed and performance

Improved conversion rates

More inclusive online experiences

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Our digital sustainability services

With our in-depth Website Carbon Audit, we can assist your team in quantifying impact, identifying key areas for improvement and advise on practical actions in design and development to reduce the carbon emissions of your website.

Let’s measure your impact

Most website audits are automated, but there’s a real value in having some pages reviewed manually by our team of UX, design, content and development experts. We will review five of the most polluting pages on your website to identify key opportunities for energy and emissions reduction. You will receive a prioritised list of specific tasks to make your website cleaner, better performing and more sustainable.

Let’s get started

We can help you continuously improve your website to make it more efficient, better performing and sustainable. In some cases, this may be a better solution rather than making radical changes to the site quickly.

Want to learn more?

Digital sustainability is new to many teams. We can help by providing tailored presentations and interactive workshops introducing Digital Sustainability and Sustainable Web Design and offer practical strategies for your organisation to reduce your digital carbon emissions.

Book your Digital Sustainability presentation

If you can’t change the entire website, we can help you create concept designs of specific pages using your brand guidelines to showcase the possibilities of sustainable web design on your website.

Let’s get started

We can combine results from the Website Carbon Audit with SEO insights to help you understand which pages performs well, which could be improved, and which could be removed from your site. This can make your website lean and more relevant to your users.

Let’s clean your website

Let’s green the web together

Wholegrain provided the team with straightforward, actionable improvements to decrease the carbon footprint of A recommended change to our homepage resulted in a significant improvement in the carbon score of this page.

Katherine Attoe, Unilever

Katherine Attoe

Ready to chat?

If you are looking to embed digital sustainability in your current website or start your digital sustainability journey, we would love to be involved!

Contact Bailey to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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We are Digital Sustainability pioneers

From the world’s first Website Carbon Calculator to “the” book about sustainable web design, we are proud to be pioneers in the digital sustainability space.

How we lead the way
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