An inspirational information hub for the market leader in hot water tank innovation

Project overview

Mixergy are a market leader in hot water tank innovation. Their innovative, cost-effective technology solutions help people to live more sustainably.

In 2024, we created and launched a brand new website for Mixergy. This site serves as an inspirational information hub that both showcases their product range, and clearly explains what they do and their motivation – the sustainability values that drive the ‘why’ behind their patented engineering.


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Making sense of complex technology

One of Mixergy’s key objectives with the new website was educate their audience about their innovative technology and how their hot water solutions work.

To this end, their innovation and technology pages distill this complex information into easy to understand explanations with supporting visuals to capture the user’s attention.

Showcasing product successes

As well as the knowledge hub, and highlighting the latest news in the resources section of the new site, we also created an engaging case study page.

Each case study card features a subtle animation inviting the reader to learn more about how Mixergy is driving down carbon emissions and tackling fuel poverty with their net zero installations across the UK.

Interactive map makes it easy to find an installer 

We created an interactive map for Mixergy’s ‘Find an Installer’ feature, making it easy for people to quickly see how many certified installers may be available near them.

This feature helps to encourage potential buyers by making it easy for them to take the next step towards making their home more sustainable Рand lowering their bills! 

A sustainable, scalable solution

It was wonderful to work with the Mixergy team, and learn more about their mission and values and help them communicate this clearly with their new website.

As Mixergy’s profile becomes even more recognisable as a leader in the sustainable tech solutions space, their new website is designed to be scalable, so that it can easily grow with the business over time.

An exciting ongoing partnership

We anticipate rapid growth for Mixergy and are excited to have developed a strong ongoing relationship with the team to support their online presence as they do so.

We’re already looking forward to deliver phase two of this project, making their website even better in the near future!

Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into this, Wholegrain team! The discovery process has guided not only the website but other channels and strategies throughout the business. We’re all very pleased with the end result and the looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

Liam Finnis

Liam Finnis