International Foundation for Valuing Impacts

Creating a superlite, superfast website for an impact accounting organisation

The IFVI homepage, which has a deep burgundy header, showing part of the V from their logo. Beneath the header, the background is white and the text black

Project overview

Independent non-profit, IFVI (the International Foundation for Valuing Impacts), is an organisation that aims to bridge the gap between financial accounting and impact measurement. Operating at the intersection of accounting and sustainability, its mission is to build and scale the practice of impact accounting to promote decision-making based on risk, return, and impact.

We were delighted to work with IFVI in 2023, to create a new website in line with their updated brand guidelines, that raises their profile within the sustainability space.


  • Super fast loading time
  • A+ Website Carbon rating


C02 per Homepage view


Homepage Lighthouse Accessibility score


Homepage load time

Simply Accessible

One of IFVI’s greatest challenges is communicating the complexity of what they do in a way that’s easy to understand. So, to make both their message, and the way it’s delivered, as accessible as possible, we designed a simple, easy to navigate website that would help site visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Superlite design for a superfast site

To ensure that the new website would load as fast as possible, we created a super light design, taking elements from IFVI’s new branding guidelines and expanding on these, to create striking imagery without the carbon cost.

The page header was designed using an SVG of the ‘V’ of IFVI’s logo. This keeps the carbon footprint of the site down, and also reduces the effort required by the IFVI team when it comes to maintaining the website. They can easily add new pages or posts, without needing to source separate images to represent individual pages.

Having the same header on every page also provides a consistent brand experience throughout.

An A+ sustainability score

Keeping the website simple not only means that it loads fast, is easy to navigate and achieves a 100% accessibility score, it also is super sustainable, achieving an A+ rating on Website Carbon.