Renewable World

A cleaner website for this clean energy charity fighting poverty and climate change

Project overview

Our 1% for the Planet partner and 2023 Charity of the year, clean energy experts Renewable World, work in partnership with communities, governments and business to deliver sustainable and scalable development projects that aim to transform lives and tackle climate change.

We worked with Renewable World to launch a new website for them in 2023, that aligns with their revised strategy and ambition, repositioning them in the minds of their existing audience and inspiring and attracting new funders and partners to help them achieve their goals.


  • A Granola Go project
  • Low carbon design and build


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A leaner theme for a greener site

Instead of using our standard eco-friendly Granola framework, to ensure the new website would be as sustainable as possible, we opted to design and build it using our streamlined, super efficient open source starter theme, Granola Go.

While this streamlined theme doesn’t have as many options as Granola, it’s perfect for creating a lean, low carbon design with a high standard of accessibility. It is also fully scalable, so the website can be developed to grow with the organisation.

High impact, low carbon design

When we came to this project, Renewable World had recently refreshed their branding, which we were to implement in the new website. With the new colour scheme, iconography, typography and graphical elements for the updated brand, our design team had plenty to work with to create something impactful, that would reflect Renewable World’s evolution.

My favourite example of the brand application is with the mask overlay in the image headers

Chânelle Sharp, Wholegrain Designer

We managed to adapt the overlay so that images could appear underneath the mask. The shape was taken directly from the new logo design, and nicely frames their photography of people. This application of the logo also ensures that the brand identity is cohesive throughout the website.