Supporting Lavazza on their journey towards digital sustainability

Project overview

Lavazza, a global ecommerce coffee company, chose Wholegrain Digital to assist them in embracing digital sustainability and reducing their digital carbon footprint. The project involved quantifying Lavazza’s annual carbon emissions using our Website Carbon methodology, reviewing high-impact website pages, and providing recommendations for improvement.

Additionally, we supported Lavazza’s senior leadership team in creating a presentation on digital sustainability for digital and tech events, aiming to raise awareness among other local businesses and organisations.


  • In-depth Website Carbon audit
  • Digital Sustainability report and recommendations


Annual CO2 emissions


Annual kWh energy consumption


Av. carbon footprint per page view

Website carbon audit 

To understand Lavazza’s website’s environmental impact, we performed a comprehensive Website Carbon Audit. Given that Lavazza was in the process of developing a new website, we compared the old and new designs to assess their sustainability.

A visual in graph format of the report we produced for Lavazza's digital sustainability review.

Design and Development review

Following the Website Carbon Audit, we focused on reviewing the pages that contributed significantly to Lavazza’s annual carbon emissions. Our team of design and development experts manually analysed these pages and created a list of recommendations to enhance their efficiency, user-friendliness, and sustainability.

Example of Eyequant results showing what people are most drawn to on the Lavazza homepage

Ongoing consultancy 

In addition to the website-related initiatives, we also collaborated with Lavazza to design a new sustainability page, showcasing the possibilities for making their website as sustainable as possible. Although some of these suggestions couldn’t be implemented due to the recent website launch, they served as concept designs for future reference.

Digital Emissions of Email Marketing 

Understanding the significance of email marketing in Lavazza’s operations, we helped them calculate the carbon emissions associated with their marketing campaigns. We offered recommendations for making future email campaigns more sustainable and low carbon, contributing to Lavazza’s overall sustainability goals.

This is a quote in white text against a dark blue background that says "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." Robert Swan

Climate Change & Technology Presentation

Recognising the important connection between the online world and climate change, we arranged a presentation on this subject for Lavazza’s global teams. Led by our Digital Sustainability Lead, Marketa, the presentation emphasised the impact of technology on the environment. By merging these two crucial topics, we highlighted the importance of prioritising digital sustainability and informed decision-making.

Incorporating sustainability into everything we do is an investment into our future. We started collaborating with Wholegrain Digital, and they helped us calculate the carbon footprint of our websites, raise awareness on the subject and gave us a list of specific tasks to reduce our impact.

Anna stands on a stage with a microphone in her hand, looking as though she is delivering a talk. She is wearing blue trousers and a yellow jacket and gestures towards the audience.

Anna Corazza