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Project overview

As the global market-leading QA automation tool for Salesforce CRM products, Provar helps their clients to test better, faster and deeper, and eliminate system errors, in a scalable and repeatable model. This helps to ensure that Provar’s clients get the most out of their Salesforce products, giving them a better return on their investment.

The team at Provar got in touch with us in Spring 2020, following a recent re-launch of their website the previous year. The new site they had built unfortunately had not produced the expected results, so they came to us to help them start over. Following their previous unfortunate experience, our project team were able to build a strong, trusting relationship with Provar, and deliver a brand new site that got them the results they were looking for and helped them move forward with growing their business.


  • Global, results focused discovery 
  • Impactful design
  • Cleaner user journey
  • Optimised search function


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“We were recommended to Wholegrain by a trusted advisor and the experience was exactly what we were looking for. For the duration of our website redesign project, from proposal to requirements gathering, design, build and go-live, the entire Wholegrain team was helpful, friendly, collaborative and well-informed.”

         – Hetty Boardman-Weston, Head of Marketing

Global, results focused discovery

As Provar were starting over following a recent re-brand, we started with a detailed discovery session, going right back to the start, with a focus on Provar’s wide audience and what they would want when visiting the new site. We broke the audience down into four main categories – Potential customers, existing customers, third-party organisations and potential employees – and created user personas for each of these, to help us map out each potential journey through the new site and how we could meet the needs of all visitors.

The discovery was held online due to covid restrictions, and this worked well for everyone as it made it easy to involve all stakeholders from the Provar team across different timezones, so all of those involved got to give their input from multiple perspectives.

Image shows an online whiteboard with blue and pink post-its, showing the process to come up with the user persona, 'Marina'

Impactful design

Provar’s previous website was text heavy, and it wasn’t immediately apparent what Provar does or the benefits of this testing software. 

We pared back the design so there is less focus on the text, adding icons that quickly show Provar as the market leader in their field. This simpler, more striking homepage makes the new site both more impactful and more inviting. The new design also reduced the page load time to 1.9 seconds, making the new site faster and kinder to the environment. 


Before (left) and after (right)!

An image showing the Provar website before and after, displayed on tablets with the before design a little behind and to the left and the new design in front and to the right

Thanks to the in-depth discovery, the user journey is also now much cleaner, so that people are more quickly directed to what they need – even if they are not sure what that is when they arrive.

Image showing the Provar product design page on a tablet, with a mobile device in front displaying an example of the page that shows when a product is selected

With such a wide range of products, it was easy to get lost in the previous site. On the new site, there is a drop down menu when you hover over the Product title in the menu, which immediately shows all the available products, making navigation much quicker and easier. Changes such as this have helped the team to roll out new campaigns, which they felt unable to do with their old website. The ability to do this has had a significant impact, with their most recent campaign generating 100 leads! Organic site traffic has also increased by about 20% since the launch of the new website.


Optimised search function

The Provar website contains a wealth of information, much of which was hard to find in previous versions of the site. So, to make sure that people visiting the new website could quickly find all the information they need, we created an accessible resources section.

The drop down menu helps people to navigate to the right page for their needs, and within this section, we added an optimised search function to help people quickly find the relevant article, documentation, news and/or webinar.

Am image showing the Provar resources page displayed on a tablet, with a mobile device in front to the right displaying the drop-down menu and search results

Our project wasn’t simple, but at every turn we felt that Wholegrain really cared about helping us make the decisions that were right for us and get the results that we wanted. We had a great time working with Wholegrain and would recommend them to anyone.

Hetty - our client. Absolutely lovely lady smiling

Hetty Boardman-Weston