Ethics and Impact reports

Wholegrain Digital was founded with the aim of not only helping positive organisations thrive online but also with the ambition of being a truly sustainable business, one that ‘walks the talk’ and inspires other companies with our actions and achievements.

Our annual impact reports highlight our successes each year, against the standards that we set for ourselves, as well as those we need to achieve to maintain and improve our B Corp certification score year on year.

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2019/20 Ethics Report

In the 2019/20 financial year, we’re proud to report that almost three-quarters of our income came from clients who put purpose before profit.

This ethics-focused executive summary of our annual report shares more information on who our top positive clients were, and how we are leading the way in our mission to green the web.

Image displaying our sustainability newsletter, Curiously Green, on a tablet and a mobile

2019/20 Impact Report

This year’s highlights include:

BBC logo Appearing on BBC
B Corp logo Increasing our B Impact score by 24.2, to 108.4
icon of a lightening bolt Now using 100% renewable energy both in the office and at home
icon of a lightening bolt Launched a new sustainability newsletter, attracting more than 800 subscribers in 6 months.
Image of two different pages of website carbon displayed side by side

2018/19 Impact Report

This year’s highlights include:

icon of a lightening bolt Launched the world’s first website carbon calculator
icon of a lightening bolt 100 of our websites and 60% of our clients’ websites were hosted on green hosting
icon of a lightening bolt 90% of our team use renewable energy at home and 57% of our total energy comes from renewable sources