Featured on BBC Politics Live

Written by Vineeta G - March 10, 2020

BBC Politics Live recently reported on the environmental impact of the internet, asking “Can the internet can go green?”

Politics Live reporter Ellie Price spoke to a team of researchers at Bristol University, who have been studying the carbon emissions of streaming video. She then went on to meet the Wholegrain Digital team at Somerset House, where we discussed the opportunity for energy efficiency and reducing waste in web design and development.

We were asked us to demonstrate our carbon calculator by testing the conservative party website and the green party website, which, luckily for the green party, showed that the green party website was far more efficient with a lower carbon footprint.

Test run on 12th March 2020

Green Party results: https://www.websitecarbon.com/website/vote-greenparty-org-uk/

Green Party results

Website carbon results for the Conservative party: https://www.websitecarbon.com/website/vote-conservatives-com/

carbon analysis screenshot of conservative party website
Conservative party results

The BBC then visited our friends Positive Internet at their data center in Cambridgeshire, and discussed the need for the hosting sector to transition to renewable energy and pursue higher levels of energy efficiency.