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Building the Better Business Act website

Screenshot of the Better Business Act website

Project overview

The Better Business Act (BBA) is an initiative from B Lab UK, the team behind the B Corp movement in the UK. The purpose of the BBA is to change the law in the UK so that all companies – not just B Corporations – put people and planet first in all their business activities. 

We were approached by B Lab UK in 2020, to design and develop a website to act as the centrepiece for their campaign. This was a dream partnership, and our aligned values helped us to co-create an impactful site with a strong focus on getting businesses to take action.


  • Strikingly simple accessible design
  • Coalition sign-up form 
  • Accessible resource hub


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It has been invaluable to have this incredibly talented team guide us through such an integral stage in this campaign — a campaign aiming to create real and lasting change to the way we do business in the UK

Hannah Reiss, Marketing and Communications Manager, B Lab UK

B Lab were looking for a website that would act both as a resource hub, sharing articles and papers that support their proposal and a coalition sign-up tool, encouraging businesses to sign up to publicly declare their support.

A low-carbon site was specifically requested, as B Lab wanted to ensure that this site would have minimal impact on the environment.

Image of 4 mobile devices, showing different pages of the Better Business Act website

Identifying the audience

The first challenge with this project was knowing our audience.

Due to time constraints, we led a condensed discovery session to explore the coalition’s main target audience and imagine some ideal user journeys before we began the design process.

Image of the online discovery board on user experience

Strikingly simple accessible design

The website needed to create maximum impact that would hold the attention of busy CEOs short on time and attention.

To create this, we went for bold use of colour, with a simple black background and white text, with a subheading that calls for action, animated to invite the user to act now/responsibly/purposefully.

Image of the homepage for the Better Business Act website

Thus the homepage immediately summarises the purpose of the coalition even if you do not scroll further down the page, where a horizontal banner highlights all of the companies that have already signed up to the coalition.

For maximum emphasis on the calls to action throughout the site, we created orange buttons to create a sense of urgency and invite people to learn more and get involved.

Image from the homepage of the Better Business Act website

Building the coalition

The coalition sign-up page was created using Gravity Forms, which connects via API to a dedicated Mailchimp account for this project.

This simple, accessible form makes it easy for businesses to add their voice to the list of UK businesses calling for change by adding their name to the proposal before it goes to parliament.

Image of the coalition sign-up form page

An accessible resource Hub

To make it easy for companies to not only find further information on the act themselves, but also share it widely, encouraging others to join them, we created a highly accessible resource hub, including a list of easy to read and digest FAQs, with more in depth research papers and articles below.

Image of the Resources page from the Better Business Act website, showing the FAQs

It has been a joy to work with you all and we’re really thrilled with the result! Thank you all of you for bringing ongoing energy, ideas and low-carbon expertise to this project. 

Hannah Reiss - lady smiling

Hannah Reiss