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Raising the next generation of women climate leaders with C40 Cities

Screenshot of the new Women4Climate homepage

Project overview

Launched in 2016 by C40 Cities and the L’Oréal Foundation, the Women4Climate initiative emphasises the connection between achieving climate justice and gender equality. It does this by inspiring, educating and empowering the next generation of women climate leaders.

As a long-term partner of Global Leadership organisation C40 Cities, since we built their 2020 website, we were super excited to start working with them on their Women4Climate project in 2022, bringing this project site up to date and in line with their streamlined, low-carbon C40 Cities site.



  • Theme modification
  • Consistent brand design
  • Content migration (Drupal to WordPress)


C02 per homepage view


Decrease in homepage size


Decrease in total page requests

Screenshot of the old and new Women4Climate websites side by side. The new website is cleaner, and more consistent with the C40 Cities brand, with bright blue and yellow colour accents, compared to the old green hued site.

Recycling the low-carbon C40 Cities theme 

The old Women4Climate site was not only dinstinctly different visually from the main C40 Cities website, it was hosted on a different CMS system, which meant that the Women4Climate team were not easily able to make simple edits and updates to their site.

The old website was also very carbon-heavy, so it made sense to start over with a new, sustainability-first design. In order to create an easy-to-use, low carbon site, we created the new Women4Climate site as a subsite of the main C40 Cities site.

We also replicated the C40 Cities theme, making minor modifications to better serve this new subsite, and other potential project subsites in the future.

A consistent brand experience 

Replicating the theme not only guaranteed the new site would benefit from the same digital sustainability wins as the main site, but this also made it easier to create a consistent brand experience across all C40 sites, now, and in the future.

This brand uniformity also creates further efficiencies, such as with regards to our CMS training, website maintenance, compliance, security and more, now that the one multisite can serve all of C40 Cities’ projects going forward.

A screenshot showing the C40 Cities and Women4Climate website homepages side by side, demonstrating the new brand consistency of these websites.

An all-round more streamlined user experience 

Moving Women4Climate away from the old Drupal site and into the WordPress multisite makes for a much simpler, more streamlined user experience for both site visitors and those who manage the site on a day-to-day basis.

The Women4Climate team are now able to easily access and edit their website as needed, to ensure that it stays up to date and relevant. They also have access to revisit the CMS training we provided, any time they need to.

We’re looking forward to working further with C40 Cities on more project subsites in the future!