Green Jobs for Nature

Helping to highlight green career options

Image of the Green Jobs for Nature homepage

Project overview

We worked with CIEEM (the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management), the professional membership body supporting ecologists and environmental managers in the UK and Ireland, to help them create an online space for their Green Jobs for Nature project that’s as green as the mission that drives their work.


  • A Granola Go project
  • Custom logo design
  • Flexible job profiles
  • CMS Training


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Appealing to a wider audience

As the aim of this new website was to raise awareness of the wide range of career choices in the environmental sector, it was important that the branding would appeal to CIEEM’s intended audience – mostly those who have not yet entered the professional job market.

With this in mind, we co-created an engaging design, that, while in line with CIEEM’s visual identity, would be more impactful for the younger, more diverse audience that this website needs to appeal to.

Image of several pages of the new Green Jobs for Nature website, laid over one another to demonstrate the branding, highlighting the curved edges and green and cream theme throughout the website

A streamlined system for a more sustainable website

In order to maximise efficiency in the building of this website, we used our streamlined, open source starter theme, Granola Go. Leaner than our standard eco-friendly Granola framework, Granola Go is a streamlined design and build process for a high quality, low carbon website.

While it has reduced options compared to Granola, it is fully scalable, making it a strong base for future development. 

Image showing the Green Jobs for Nature logo - two people icons (head and shoulders) in different shades of green, with a white seedling in front. The image also depicts the logo on a re-usable bag to demonstrate potential application.

Custom logo design

Working with CIEEM’s provided brand assets, we developed a strong identity for the Green Jobs for Nature website, using block colours and subtle animations.

The star of this new brand is the Green Jobs for Nature logo, created by our designer Chânelle, who visually represented the brand with the green people icons and a white seedling to represent the industry, as well as nurturing young talent and the potential for growth. The simple curved lines of the seedling also fed in to some of the design decisions for the website, such as the button styling and the curved edges on media. 

I had fun designing the logo for Green Jobs for Nature! It was so nice to hear that the team were unanimously happy with this logo, which was presented in round one of the designs, and only required a couple of small tweaks and refinements to get it to the final version.

Picture of Chânelle, one of our designers

Chânelle Sharp

Flexible job profiles

To make it easy for CIEEM to keep the website up to date, we used dynamic blocks to create bespoke flexible job profiles. These profiles show off various green jobs and the people who do them.

Image of the Green Jobs for Nature job profile pages dsiaplayed on mobile devices

Making these elements easy to edit and update for the CIEEM team means they can easily amend roles and add new people profiles as needed, helping them to expand the site over time.

Image of the Green Jobs for Nature job profile pages dsiaplayed on desktop and a mobile device

Once the new website was complete, we created in-depth CMS training videos that the CIEEM team can refer back to as needed, to ensure they have everything they need to keep their new website up to date.

A low-carbon, scalable website for a better future

We’re really proud to have created this fast, accessible green digital space for CIEEM’s Green Jobs for Nature campaign, helping them to highlight careers in the environmental sector.

We’re excited about potential of this campaign to appeal to a much wider audience, getting more people involved in environmental work that can really make a difference to all of our futures.