Granola Framework

Our eco-friendly opensource framework

In the competitive world of website development, WordPress sites are often built using a theme. Themes are off-the-peg, ready coded website templates that look great in theory but are often fraught with problems in practice – inconsistent backend, heavy customisation, security issues, theme updates, page speed, error messages. The list goes on. 

If you use an off-the-peg theme, your site probably won’t end up looking quite as good as you had hoped, not to mention that it can end up costing you a lot of money in upkeep, maintenance and fixes. 

We knew there must be a better way that had all the benefits of a theme but less of the downsides…

So we built Granola. 

All of our websites are developed using Granola, our eco-friendly code built on the popular open-source WordPress framework that is used by 20% of self-hosted websites in the world. But unlike other themes, Granola is designed to be future-proof and to scale with your organisation. It employs official WordPress best-practice standards at its base and even higher standards throughout. We built it to be streamlined and efficient, following a philosophy of ‘less is more’ that avoids the unnecessary bloating that plagues most WordPress themes and affects site performance (plus it’s much easier to maintain as well!) 

There are no plugins required for Granola, keeping it as clean as possible. But if you want to use them, there are built-in optimisations that take effect once a plugin is activated making sure your site is always in the best possible shape.

Try Granola, it’s good for you.