Pixel perfect design delivered in perfect time!

Project overview

We have been working with Acturis, one of the fastest growing international insurance technology companies, since 2016, when we launched a multi-site network to support their global growth. So when we were asked to help bring their website up to date for 2020/21, we were excited to get to work on the improvements. 

Despite the challenge of a large custom build to a very tight deadline, we managed to deliver a cleaner, greener (from 51% dirtier than other websites tested on website carbon, to 83% cleaner), pixel perfect new website, to launch in time for a trade show showcase.


  • Streamlined design for improved UX
  • Software demo design advice
  • Custom animations
  • Migration to a green host


CO2 per page view


Lighthouse Accessibility score


Page load time

Streamlined design for improved UX

Following a highly collaborative discovery session with our designers, we co-created a full content strategy to improve the user journey through the new site.


Image of Acturis' site homepage

The result of these in depth discussions led to a simplified design, with streamlined content and a simple vertical narrative for easy reading and better clarity for those visiting the website.

Software demo design advice

Our designer Chânelle also advised the Acturis team on how best to create a compatible array of graphics to demonstrate their software to potential clients. The resulting UI design avoids the issue of ‘out of date’ issues from the previous iteration of the website.

Image of different pages of the Acturis site displayed on mobile phones

Custom animations

Once we had launched the site in time for the trade show, we continued our improvement work, adding custom animations that further enhance the updated design.

Image of the Acturis services page

I’m very happy with the quality of the product delivered and the deep knowledge of the Wholegrain team on what’s best for our website in terms of UX, accessibility, performance, security and SEO.

Alexandra - marketing manager at Acturis

Alexandra Vrettou