Aliter Networks

A low carbon site to support a sustainable circular IT business

Aliter Networks website design

Project overview

Global IT infrastructure provider, Aliter Networks, operates a circular business model. By buying, selling and renting out IT hardware, they offer a cost effective solution to businesses, and simultaneously help reduce the e-waste problem.

With a passion for making a difference to people and planet with IT, Aliter’s ultimate goal is to double the lifetime of a million products by 2025. As a fellow B Corporation with sustainability goals so closely aligned with ours, we were super excited to work with Aliter Networks on their new website, helping them to improve their user experience and reduce the carbon footprint of their homepage by 95% in the process.


  • Low carbon design and build using Granola
  • New product catalogue
  • Capable of multi-language
  • Custom transitions


CO2 per page view


Lighthouse Accessibility score


Page load time

“We were looking for a complete makeover of our website, not just superficially but with a view to improve long-term sustainability and reduce greenhouse emissions.”

Low carbon design and build

To ensure that Aliter’s new website would be low carbon by design, we built it using our own high performance WordPress framework, Granola, which was built to be clean and efficient. The site was built using flexible content blocks, so that the layout can be easily adapted to Aliter’s needs as the business evolves.

In addition, when our designer began work on this project, we started out with the intention of working with a darker colour palette, which also reduces energy consumption. Certain types of screens use more energy to produce lighter colours.

Aliter Networks website designs on mobile devices

New product catalogue

In order to help visitors to the new Aliter site find what they are looking for quickly and easily, we created a brand new product catalogue for all of their refurbished products.

In order to create this, we connected their internal database to the new site via API. This allows anyone visiting the website to more easily browse the available products in the catalogue.

Multi Language

Aliter is a global brand, based out of Amsterdam and with a strong regional presence in Singapore. Always looking to expand, we ensured that their new site can be translated into local languages, ensuring a smooth user experience no matter where in the world their customers are.

Custom transitions

Finally, to add the personal touch, we created custom transitions for the new website, making the website not only easy to navigate, but an aesthetically pleasing experience for Aliter’s customers.

Aliter is always looking to make what’s good, better. Our new website embodies this spirit of continual improvement and performance while still being good for the planet.

Tamil karikalan

Tamil Karikalan