Tribe Impact Capital

Making positive impact investments more personal

Image of the Tribe Impact Capital homepage

Project overview

Tribe was the UK’s first impact wealth manager, helping people invest their money into causes that match their values. With a supply chain made up mostly of fellow B Corps with a similar commitment to sustainability, Tribe only build portfolios that have positive impact.

With a mission so aligned with our own, we were delighted to help Tribe update their website in line with their new branding, placing their customers’ values front and centre with clients as the heroes of the new website’s user experience.


  • Dynamic design in line with new brand guidelines
  • Accessible Glossary with integrated tooltips
  • Flexible, intuitive CMS experience
  • Custom website carbon widget that calculates CO2 per visit


CO2 per homepage view


Homepage Lighthouse Accessibility Score


Homepage Lighthouse Performance Score

Dynamic design

Tribe had recently updated their branding, working with sustainable creative agency Wolf & Player.

Working within these brand guidelines, we created a dynamic new website design, using custom animation to highlight Tribe’s purposeful mission.

Animated Image of the Tribe Impact Capital homepage. showing how some of the text is highlighted on scroll

We designed and developed a custom block to house The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

These goals guide Tribe’s investments and allow investors to identify what impact they wish to have on the world.

Tribe has four Impact Themes, which they can attribute to every investment made.

Image of the Impact page on tablet and mobile device, showing how your investments relate to the Government's Sustainable Development Goals

Accessible Glossary with integrated tooltips

Tribe are on a mission to educate and remove jargon from their site.

To help with this, we designed and developed a custom accessible Glossary that includes explanations of some of the terms used in impact investing.

Image of the glossary page, showing the detailed information for each technical term

To help make the Glossary even more impactful, we created integrated tooltips that can be added to specific phrases all across the site.

In any post on the Impact hub, visitors can hover or tab a phrase that is underlined to see an explanation.

Each explanation also includes a link to the Glossary where they can read more.

Image showing how the tootip box pops up as a red box with information in black text, for highlighted words

Impactful news hub

Tribe wanted to ensure that their latest news, including pieces highlighting their impact credentials, would be highlighted upon landing on the new site. 

We created the ‘Impact Hub’, using a flexible blog template, that would make it easy for the team at Tribe to add and update as needed.