Hambleden Capital

Conveying the conscience of a new type of investment firm

Hambleden Capital website homepage displayed on desktop

Project overview

Founded in 2019, Hambleden Capital represents a new approach to investment. Their tagline, ‘capital with a conscience,’ beautifully sums up what they do – they invest not in business for profits sake only, but in people and ideas – the heart of the business. 

We built a strong relationship with the Hambleden team, working closely with them to create their whole website from scratch, including the content. The result is a beautiful site that conveys both what Hambleden Capital does, as well as how and why they work the way they do.


  • Minimal fluid design with subtle illustration
  • Responsive, flexible, modular pages 
  • Content strategy and writing


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Minimal fluid design with subtle animation

To ensure that the site design really represented the company’s family values, we worked very closely with the team to develop the look and feel. Our designer Chânelle had an in depth conversation with them about Iranian art and colours. And, as the new office was going to have a colour scheme infused with Iranian culture, incorporating blues, oranges and golds, we took this inspiration over to the website.

Chânelle also shared her suggestion of using patterns/textures on the site, to elevate the design. The geometric design was a real co-creation, finalised working closely with the team to ensure that it conveys their culture and works perfectly for the company. The subtle animations of this across the site add an element of delight, without distracting from the overall design and message.

Image of pages of the Hambleden Capital website displayed on mobiles

While the logo may seem like a slight departure from the design, this in fact is an even greater symbol of Hambleden’s family values. It was designed from an image of the family’s beloved pet dog Chala, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

This logo is now displayed on a big welcome mat in the entrance to their office. What better welcome for their clients than an image of the family’s ‘best friend’!

Image of the Hambleden Capital logo - white outline of the family dog, Chala, with the text underneath, shown against a blue background

Responsive, flexible, modular pages

To ensure the team at Hambleden can easily update their content, we used modular content blocks, which allow them to update the features across their site and change the content as needed, as their business evolves.

Content strategy and writing

Through a series of interviews with the team and relevant stakeholders, we were able to dig deep into what the company wanted to say, and what their target audience – passionate innovators seeking investment to build meaningful businesses – were looking for.

This helped us to create compelling content that clearly articulated Hambleden’s mission in a way that attracted the clients they love to build relationships with.

Image of Hambleden Capital's investments page

It was a pleasure to work with the Hambleden team on creating the content from scratch for this site.

Developing the design and content in tandem really helped us to take a holistic approach to this project from the outset and create a stunning, streamlined site, which really conveys the warmth and family values that underpin their work.