A fast website that tells Red Inc's sustainability story

Image of Red Inc website homepage on an ipad with a pale green background that matches part of the website design

We’re pleased to share the story of another B Corporation collaboration, which is both how we came to know sustainable stationers Red-Inc, and representative of the work we love to be part of – creating sustainable websites for businesses that care about people and planet.

We met Red-Inc Founder and Managing Director Adam Huttly through the B Corporation community, and have now long been active supporters of the company’s sustainable office supplies.

The breadth of experience pulled in during the build was simply amazing. Communication was constant and made the process worry free. They were upfront about cost and nothing came as a surprise. The team are all very talented in their given areas and work succinctly. The end result was a beautifully finished website that tells our story, a story that is constantly evolving. Its responsive, fast and we can edit every single section of it – in house.

Adam Huttly, Founder and Managing Director, Red-Inc

When Adam approached us about updating the company website, we couldn’t wait to share their story. We were even more excited that the new website launched just in time for Red-Inc’s nomination for the Global Good awards in June 2019!

Image of the Red Inc website homepage displayed on a laptop and an iPhone.

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The Brief

Red-Inc has grown considerably in recent years, working with increasingly high profile clients, but the website had not grown with the business.

The old site didn’t reflect Red-Inc’s professionalism, nor did it effectively showcase the company’s mission and values. The site was also slow to load, and did not cater to mobile users.

Our Solution

We worked together to create a simple but effective design, with much more of a focus on Red-Inc as a purpose-driven company.

The new website clearly tells the story that sets Red Inc apart from their industry peers, positioning them as leaders in sustainable business practice.

We knew that the new site needed to be light and modular, giving Red Inc the freedom to make changes as needed.

The results – our lightest website so far!


EyeQuant Clarity Score 71  Site Speed 0.9 seconds  0.28g  of C02 per page view

Image of two ipads, displaying the Red Inc website before our redesign with the new redesign slightly in front of the ipad showing the old site.

From this (left)… To this (right)!

Using our efficiency by design process, this is one of the lightest websites the Wholegrain team has ever built. Fully loaded speed is now just 0.9 seconds – a vast improvement from the old website’s previous load speed of 2.9 seconds.

A collaborative approach

Starting with some basic design concepts, we worked collaboratively on the new website design, bringing it more up to date and professional, and ensuring that the main focus was on what makes Red-Inc different to their competitors. We also made it easy for the Red-Inc team to update as needed, creating the new site using flexible content blocks. This future-proofs the site and allows Red-Inc the freedom to grow.

Aside from being excellent value for money, the story we wanted to tell was exactly how Red-Inc is a ‘planet positive’ business.

Image of 3 mobile phones displaying different pages of Red Inc's website displaying

To illustrate this point visually, we added an animated statistic block on the homepage, showing how many trees Red-Inc have planted on behalf of their clients, and how many acres of rainforest that equates to having protected.

Further information on how Red-Inc can help businesses save on both cost and environmental impact is highlighted at the top of the homepage with a call to action, which clearly invites people to find out why they should buy from Red-Inc.