Efficient by design

In line with our mission, we have developed a unique ‘Efficient by design’ process that delivers great user experience and SEO through the lens of efficiency.

The benefits of our approach are numerous including:

  • Improved user experience
  • Fast page load times
  • Improved SEO
  • Improved accessibility (especially for users on slow connections)
  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions

The three pillars of efficiency are performance, sustainability and accessibility.


Venn diagram for accessiblity, sustainablility and performance. Great user experience


We believe that the web should be accessible to all and so we have integrated accessibility considerations into our design and development processes.  By approaching accessibility from the perspective of creating great experiences for all users on all devices, we are able to create win-win outcomes that benefit all users.


Our process delivers rich web experiences using the minimum amount of data.  This results in websites that consume less energy and have a very low carbon footprint compared to industry norms.  In addition, we consult with the client to specify hosting solutions that are energy efficient and powered by renewable energy to further reduce carbon emissions while ensuring a high level of performance.


By designing out inefficiencies from the outset of the web design project, we are able to deliver more streamlined user journeys in which web pages load fast even on low bandwidth connections and users can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.


The breadth of experience pulled in during the build was simply amazing. Communication was constant and made the process worry free. They were upfront about cost and nothing came as a surprise. The team are all very talented in their given areas and work succinctly. The end result was a beautifully finished website that tells our story, a story that is constantly evolving. Its responsive, fast and we can edit every single section of it – in house.
Adam Huttly, Founder and Managing Director, Red-Inc