B Corp Europe

Calling EU businesses to take action to make European company law more sustainable

Full screen image of the interdependence coalition website homepage

Project overview

Following our design and development of the Better Business Act (BBA) website, working with B Lab UK, the next step in highlighting the B Corp mission to change the business law for better outcomes for people and planet, was to replicate this for a European audience.

Re-using the bespoke design we created for the UK Better Business Act website, we created an equally low-carbon website for Europe’s Interdependence Coalition website.


  • Accessible site design
  • Coalition sign-up form
  • Resource hub.


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The homepage design is the first major call to action to everyone who lands on the website, immediately inviting them to join the coalition with highlighted links both in the menu and the header.

Beneath this, a side scrolling ticker tape of all the businesses signed up so far further encourages engagement.

Image of the interdependence coalition website

Although we replicated the layout we produced for the BBA UK website, the design appears strikingly different with B Lab Europe’s brand guidelines applied.

Image of 3 different pages of the interdependence coalition website, displayed on mobile devices

Building the coalition

As with the BBA UK site, the Interdependence Coalition’s sign-up page was created using Gravity Forms, which connects via API to a dedicated Mailchimp account for this project.


Image of the interdependence coalition sign up form

This simple, accessible form makes it easy for individuals, as well as businesses, to publicly pledge their dedication to building a more positive future of governance.

Resource Hub

The resources page highlights all the latest news, research and related reports, as well as highlighting any upcoming webinars, to help businesses find the information and advice they need to take effective action.

Image of the interdependence coalition website resources page