Delivering PSYT’s new WordPress website in record time

Psyt website screenshot

Project overview

The team at PSYT (Psychological Technologies) is passionate about facilitating large scale positive change, which they believe begins with improving the well-being of individuals. PSYT work with leading academics at the forefront of research, allowing them to use state of the art technology that can capture relevant data relating to well-being. This data then allows people to better understand themselves, and others, and perform at their best – at home, at work, at school, and beyond.


  • Collaborative design
  • Responsive theme development
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Launched in two months

Nick Begley, CEO of PSYT is a long time friend of Wholegrain, who we interviewed for one of our Wholesome Business podcasts, to learn more about this pioneering technology. We love working with like minded people in business, driven by a desire to have a positive impact on the world, so were excited to work with PSYT on their brand new website for 2018.

Psyt website screenshot

From SquareSpace to WordPress

The team at PSYT approached us with their original designs, and asked us to help them create a brand new website in WordPress. Previously hosted on SquareSpace, they wanted to move to WordPress to give them more control over editing the website content, and make it easier to scale as the business grows.

psyt website screenshot

Quality delivered quickly

We began by working collaboratively with PSYT’s designers, reviewing the designs together to refine them for web, ensuring that they would be accessible for all users and optimised across all devices.

As the team were accustomed to using SquareSpace, we needed to introduce them to WordPress and make it easy for them to update themselves. To achieve this, we introduced flexible content blocks using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), creating easily customisable and editable content fields. We improved the page load speed by compressing images, which also helped to reduce the site’s carbon emissions.

Beginning with an initial time frame of two months, the launch of the site was brought forward as we began the development stage of the project. We rose to this challenge, delivering the brand new website within two weeks of starting the project. Within this time, we also provided CMS training to the PSYT team so that they would be confident in using their new website once it was live.

The Results

PSYT’s new website delivers a much more streamlined user experience, with improved SEO to drive more visitors to the site. The easy to edit CMS also makes it much easier for the PSYT team to update as needed.

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