Podcast Episode 7: Mindful Business

Written by Rachael B. - May 13, 2016

In our latest podcast episode, we finally get the chance to catch up with Nick Begley, Founder and CEO of PSYT (Psychological Technologies).

PSYT has developed the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), which measures how people feel in real-time, and has been described by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as the “gold-standard” in measuring psychological states. As well as providing interventions directly to individuals as and when needed, the aggregated data can then also be used by organisations to inform their approach to employee well-being.

Nick joined Tom Greenwood and Ed Murfitt in the broom cupboard to talk about how ended up here, via a degree in Physics and later qualifying as an Actuary! He explains how passing the time reading a (perhaps not so) random book in Waterstones while waiting for his girlfriend first ignited his interest in Eastern philosophy.

He goes on to explain the insights he learned from being part of the largest ever neuroscientific and psychological research project on meditation, shares his thoughts on the ‘inside-out’ nature of happiness and how he was motivated to change the course of his career to follow his passion, which eventually led to him joining the start-up team at Headspace.

Listen to the podcast to hear Nick’s thoughts on the role of mindfulness in work and life, learn how the results of Dr. George MacKerron’s app, Mappiness, led to a shift in focus to happiness in the workplace and find out how this collaboration resulted in the birth of PSYT.

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