Climbing Trees

Reducing the digital carbon footprint for this ethical digital marketing agency

Image of the Climbing Trees website homepage

Project overview

We worked with ethical digital marketing agency Climbing Trees to create a brand new website that better reflects their mission and values.

Their website now matches their mission of making a positive impact on the world with minimal impact on the planet, as they launch their refreshed brand for 2022.


  • Brand review
  • Web style guide
  • Newsletter sign-up


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Digital brand style guide

We started working with Climbing Trees in 2021, as part of their brand refresh for 2022. Having worked on their new branding with design agency Valiant, we needed to ensure that our website design followed the new brand guidelines.

We undertook a brand review ahead of the design stage, so that we could ensure we adapted the design for the website to make sure we could make it low carbon while still maintaining the fresh new look and feel.

Once the new site designs were agreed, we finalised them and developed a web style guide to implement this. This style guide will then be used by Climbing Trees across all their online visual communications.

Image of several pages of the Climbing Trees website, laid out slightly overlapping, to demonstrate the brand designs

We added several new pages to highlight Climbing Tree’s successes including an impactful work page, highlighting case studies that show how their work has a positive impact.

These portfolio pages were created using flexible content blocks, making it easy for the team to update as needed, highlighting new content as they create it.

Image of the Climbing Tress website's case studies page

A more intuitive menu makes it easier to find what service you’re looking for, and we highlighted the careers section as Climbing Trees are looking to expand their team as they grow.


Image of the Climbing Trees website's careers and contact pages, displayed on mobile devices

Keeping communication going

We created bespoke forms that integrate with the Climbing Trees Hubspot account, making it easy for potential clients to contact the team, download whitepapers and sign-up for Webinars, and for job candidates to register their details.