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World leaders in digital sustainability, we developed the first ever methodology for calculating the energy and carbon emissions of web pages

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In 2017, we launched Website Carbon with a single objective, to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the Internet, and websites specifically. It is intended to educate and inspire the widest possible audience to take action.

It serves as a starting point for a journey into digital sustainability.

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Public speaking

Tom is a highly respected thought leader in the field of sustainable web design, accessibility and ethical business. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas, and he regularly shares his insights at international events or through online presentations.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Tom also regularly contributes to articles, podcasts, and research papers, helping to shape the conversation around sustainable web design and ethical business practices, and inspiring others to make positive changes in their own work.

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Tom - managing director wholegrain

One of the best webinars I’ve attended, I had no idea about green websites – and it was explained concisely, with actual advice on how to implement positive actions – big and small. Thank you, I’m sharing with my colleagues this week!

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Sustainable Web Design Book

If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 4th biggest polluter. As a digital agency, we are world leaders in greening the web and our co-founder Tom literally wrote the book on Sustainable Web Design for A Book Apart.

Tom also speaks at events internationally on topics including Sustainable Web Design, Green IT and Ethical Business.

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Wholegrain Digital offer pioneering digital sustainability consulting services

Our digital sustainability lead Marketa along with our talented, driven team are ready to help your organisation drive down your website carbon emissions.

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