A low-carbon website to support the vision of a waste-free world

Image of the new Olio homepage

Project overview

Olio is a mobile app for decluttering/sharing your unwanted items with by giving away, getting, borrowing or lending things in your community for free. Olio’s vision is of a waste-free world, based on their community sharing model.

We worked with Olio early 2023, creating a new website that better served their rapidly expanding customer base and, with our low-carbon design bringing the website’s carbon emissions down from 2.25g CO2 per page view to 0.1g, better reflects Olio’s commitment to sustainability.



  • Split navigation
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Salesforce Pardot integration
  • Multi-language Multisite


CO2 per homepage view


Homepage Lighthouse performance score


Page load time

Discovering distinct user groups

Our in-depth discovery stage revealed two distinct groups of users of the Olio website, with very different needs.

This split user base is made up of consumers/app users, and businesses who benefit from the Olio service.

Image of the Olio 'Home' homepage displayed on a laptop

To ensure that the new website caters for the needs of these two distinct groups, our solution was to create two separate landing pages, one for each user group.

To keep the site design clean and the UX as smooth as possible, we created an elegant ‘switcher’ – a slider button that let’s users choose the option that best suits their needs. This makes it easy for individuals or businesses to quickly find the relevant information and instructions on how to use the Olio app.

Image of the Olio 'Work' homepage - which is access by the sliding button on the top right of the default 'Home' homepage - displayed on a laptop

Delightful decluttering instructions

We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to declutter using the Olio app in a fun way.

To achieve this, we added a touch of delight to the homepage with a dynamic phone animation, which demonstrates the simple 3-step process of using the app – Snap. Message. Share.

Supporting global growth

Olio already has 7 million users worldwide, and this number is growing rapidly.

To ensure that the website is accessible by users across the world, we created a multilingual multisite, which is currently available in English and Spanish and supports the additional of several languages over time, in line with Olio’s international expansion efforts over the coming years. 

Salesforce integration

To further support Olio’s growth, and keep them connected to their potential new customers, we integrated with their Salesforce Pardot account.

By integrating this system with the enquiry form on the Work homepage, this helps the Olio team to capture inbound queries from businesses all in one place, and easily follow up with further information to convert these leads. 

Beautifully branded and built to last

This project challenged us to think creatively to realise Olio’s new branding and balance those needs with the requirement to be digitally sustainable. It was brilliant to see the dramatic technical improvements we were able to achieve without compromising the design needs.

Ben Meyer, Wholegrain Digital Project Manager

Reducing Olio’s digital waste

Thanks to our digital sustainability first approach, Olio’s new website now much better reflects their commitment to digital sustainability, with the new site’s homepage now 96% cleaner than the old one! 

We’re really proud to be part of Olio’s story, supporting their vision of a waste-free world by reducing their digital emissions. You can read more about this digital sustainability success story over on our blog.

We are absolutely loving the new site – everything is so much easier!

Black and Whitw image of Cozzi Baring from Olio

Cozzi Baring