Loyal Guru

An improved online experience for Loyal Guru’s global client base

Project overview

Established in 2016, Loyal Guru is an international Customer Data Platform with the mission of transforming retailers all around the world into customer-centric organisations. More than 50 retailers worldwide use the Loyal Guru platform to better understand their customers and reward their loyalty.

We worked with Loyal Guru in 2022, to help them better understand what potential clients needed from their website, and created a brand new super fast, sustainable site that better reflected their unique global offering.


  • Custom animations
  • Hubspot integration
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Content migration
  • CMS Training


C02 per page view


Lighthouse homepage performance score


Page load time

Identifying the audience’s needs

Our first port of call was getting super clear on who Loyal Guru’s main audience is, and what they need from the new website. We began with a project questionnaire for the team, to help them get clear on their outcomes.

This was then analysed alongside in-depth external stakeholder research, to learn more about the pain points of Loyal Guru’s existing clients and stakeholders, and review how we could address these.

Internally, there was a desire for the website to better reflect the brand’s global identity and unique offering. The research also highlighted that as well as needing to meet the audiences’ desire for a smoother user experience, the new website also needed to be easier for the Loyal Guru team to manage internally to ensure the content remains up to date.

Adding delight with custom animations

While the Loyal Guru team wanted to update the branding a little, the overall look and feel of the new website remained the same.

Aside from a minor adjustment to their existing logo, we stayed with the existing colours, adding delight with subtle image animations.

Making continued customer communication easy

To ensure that Loyal Guru’s new site would both attract new customers, and facilitate ongoing communication with existing clients, we helped to make communication easier for them by creating bespoke forms that integrate with their Hubspot account. This makes it easy for potential clients to book a demonstration of the platform, speak to a member of the team or enquire about working at Loyal Guru.

Once the website was complete, we provided comprehensive CMS training for the team. This traning ensures that they are fully equipped to manage the website content going forward, now that they have the ability to update our flexible content blocks for the dynamic pages such as the blog, press and success stories.

A cleaner, greener, global site for client success!

The new Loyal Guru website doesn’t isn’t just cleaner in terms of the more streamlined design and user journey, it is also cleaner in terms of its environmental impact.

The new website we created brought their digital carbon emissions down from 0.59 to 0.14g C02 per page view, making it cleaner than 86% of web pages tested on website carbon. 

Wholegrain team members supported us in every way – and we can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Image of Isabel Anthony from Loyal Guru.

Isabel Anthony, Loyal Guru