Website and WordPress Design

Website and WordPress Design

Your project will look world-class, and deliver results. Good design is deeply rooted in our history and culture at Wholegrain. Building on the work done in project discovery and website architecture design, we craft beautiful, intuitive user interfaces for WordPress websites, SaaS applications, and apps.

We embed sustainability in our design process, challenging ourselves and our clients to eliminate waste and friction to create successful but streamlined user experiences.

We do this by thinking about page size and load time from the start; this lets us deliver a website that’s packed with features and integrations, but loads lightning-fast, is low carbon, and delivers a great user experience.

A sustainable website also needs to be accessible: this means your website is easy to use for all users, in all scenarios.

By keeping accessibility in mind from the start, we’ll ensure your design can meet the industry-leading Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG), and by making your website lightning-fast, we’ll ensure visitors on mobile and tablet devices have a good experience – regardless of where they are and how fast their connection is.

The result is design that not only look stunning, but deliver the best results for everyone.