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Wholegrain Labs is our place for internal projects to help us serve our clients and achieve our mission.

We believe the web can be sustainable

The internet currently produces 2% of carbon emissions – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Join our movement (built with WordPress) to make the web green!

Measuring website’s carbon impact

As part of our mission to create a sustainable web, it is essential that we are able to measure and compare emissions for various websites.

That’s why we developed the world’s first carbon calculator for websites. It is available for all to use as an educational tool, while the Rest API on which it’s based is available as the basis for more advanced tools.

With the latest addition of badges that can be added to each and every page on the internet, Website Carbon is running more than 4,000 tests a day!

Website Carbon
Digital footprint - website carbon calculation screenshot

Improving coding standards

Granola is our open-source, homegrown starter theme for performant, efficient, bespoke websites. Built with modern tooling including Webpack and Gulp, Granola facilitates a modern development environment, taking care of the fundamentals and letting you get the job done.

WordPress CMS

Worry-free maintenance tool

Fibre is our website monitoring dashboard, providing quick access to high level, detailed information about all the websites added to the platform. Capable of monitoring any website, Fibre not only monitors, but actively suggests improvements to ensure our websites are cutting edge, and keeps an constant eye on all of our sites’ daily performance.

WordPress maintenance and support
WordPress Maintenance software

Building momentum

We are proud to have launched the Sustainable Web Manifesto, a collaborative project that we worked on with a number of our industry peers, who share our commitment to sustainability.

Why did we create this?
Sustainable Web Manifesto tile - yellow corners
image of the wholegrain team

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