Why We Love WordPress

Written by Rachael B. - January 29, 2016

If you’re a WordPress fan, then you may already be well aware of the #ilovewp hashtag all over social media at the moment. But you may not be. So, for those who don’t know..

What’s it all about?

Last week, WordPress updated their testimonials page and asked people to share their passion for WordPress on Facebook and Twitter, so that they can fill the new page with reasons to love them.

We think it’s a great idea! We’ve been tweeting about why we love WordPress already but as different members of the team have different stories to tell, we thought you might like to see an overview of a few of us and exactly why we love working with this awesome open source platform:

Our Little WordPress Love Stories

Our happy Wholegrain Digital team share their personal thoughts below:

Tom Greenwood Founder of Wholegrain Digital

Tom says: I fell in love with WordPress many years ago, when my brother introduced it to me. He told me about these things called ‘plugins’ that could do amazing things out of the box!

I tried it out and immediately realised that this technology would empower not just people like me but also our end clients, allowing them to do great things that they would otherwise have struggled to achieve. I have never looked back.

Vineeta Greenwood - cofounder wholegrain digital

Vineeta says: There are so many reasons to love WordPress! Not least of all the community’s enthusiasm for updating it and creating the amazing plugins, which have shaped the expectations of what can be achieved from a website. The hard work put in by millions of coders around the world means that WordPress has a functionality that suprasses any other CMS. This has helped us to achieve things in a few days that would have taken years to build from scratch. With the support of the community, and all the plugins that are being created, the possibilities when it comes to website functionality really are endless.

But it’s also so much more than that…

I love WordPress because it has totally changed our lives, as well as the lives of our team members and our clients. Without WordPress, Wholegrain Digital simply would not exist. But it does, and it not only provides our livelihood but also allows us to live our vision and values, every day. How could I not love something that makes that possible?


Amina says: I love how WordPress empowers and supports me to create platforms for areas of life that I want to make an impact in. I love continuing to learn about the endless possibilities of this amazing community, this family that all has a common love and appreciation for the potential they can reach.


Eugene says: I love WordPress because is very accessible and it has a low entry level. Furthermore its large community enables you to meet always new people from all walks of life.


Rachael says: I love WordPress because it’s just so easy to use. Even with little to no technical knowledge (and I am speaking as the least technical member of the team!) it’s still relatively easy to create a basic website that looks good. The CMS system is so easy to use and there is a plugin for just about everything!

RobRob has penned a short poem explaining his love:

I love WordPress as it is easy to extend for your needs,

Which is due to the community being supportive

And not driven by greed.

What’s Your WordPress Love Story?

If you’d like to be featured on the WordPress testimonials page, just tweet why you love WordPress with the hashtag #ilovewp. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a cheeky suggestion for you:

I love #WordPress because the @eatwholegrain team love it and they can do great things with it!  #ilovewp

We’d also love to know why you love WordPress, so please do comment below or be sure to tweet us your #ilovewp tweets!