Defining Success

Written by Rachael B. - January 13, 2016

We talk a lot about wholesome business here at Wholegrain Digital. We aim to be a wholesome business, working with good people who do great things. This is one definition of success – working with the people we love, who impact the world in a positive way.

Success, however, does not start from the outside… For us, it starts from the inside and comes full circle as it’s all about people and how we relate to each other as individuals. Our Co-Founder, Tom Greenwood, wrote down his vision of success last year and resident photographer Amina Malik then created a beautiful video to showcase it.

This short film highlights our purpose and values, and features the personal passions of each member of the core team. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did last month when it was first screened at our 2015 ToastCamp!


Video by Amina Malik
‘Our Vision’ by Tom Greenwood

Music was kindly provided by the talented Yinyues:

And here’s our vision in full:

Our first success saw us become the first WordPress Agency in London. Since then we have worked with Marks and Spencer, Ecover, Jamie Oliver and hundreds of more clients, who we have passionately collaborated with to construct build beautiful websites.

Since then we’ve been ranked as one of the top WP agencies in the world.

We will have achieved success when we recognise that Wholegrain Digital is not a company, or a brand, but a team of unique and special people. When we recognise that our clients too are not businesses, but also groups of unique individuals whose needs we aim to serve.

When we have found health and happiness as individuals within our team and are able to spread that health and happiness to each other, to our clients and to others that we impact.

When our team is supportive of every person as an equal yet unique individual, gives them the opportunity to flourish and helps them each to grow. When every person makes the team stronger as a whole.

When we do work that doesn’t just pay the bills and feed our mouths, but challenges us to think, to learn new skills and to become better people. When we do work that at worst does not sacrifice our values and at best will make our hearts sing.

When we can achieve all of this not just temporarily, but sustainably in an ever changing world.