The Ecover Rebel Rebrand: A B Corp ripple

Written by Rachael B. - February 14, 2019

We have been working with Ecover, the global leader in green cleaning, since 2014, when we first created a global website for method, part of the Ecover Group. Since then, we have created many campaigns together so it was only natural that this ‘B Corp ripple’ would continue when Ecover re-launched their brand last year, with a new focus on sustainable living.


The Rebel Rebrand

Ecover’s mission has always been about much more than creating green cleaning products – it’s about leading the way in thinking, feeling and living green, and inspiring others to make the world cleaner and greener.

The purpose of the ‘Rebel’ rebrand was to bring Ecover’s digital presence up to date with the evolution of the brand, with much more of a focus on this mission, to “lead a clean world revolution.”

A collaborative Approach

As always, we worked closely with the Ecover team on the designs for the new website, to ensure that the new branding clearly positioned Ecover as a leading influential voice on sustainable living, and that the ‘Let’s Live Clean’ story – of how Ecover not only lives their values through how they source their ingredients, but also how being a B Corporation helps to drive them to truly live their values, and aim to influence others to do the same. As a fellow B Corporation, we are are uniquely placed to truly understand the importance of emphasising this wider purpose.

The Results of this B Corp Ripple: Leading a Clean World Revolution Online


Our relationship with Ecover has helped to create a much more dynamic website, that really brings the Ecover brand to life with striking imagery and custom designed animations highlighting Ecover’s mission and showcasing what they are actively doing to make a difference.

Following its launch, the number of people using the Ecover website increased quickly, going from 9,000 to almost 20,000 by the end of May 2018. The website now also sees much more interaction than before, with people engaging with various improved social options to get involved with the #letsliveclean campaign. The ongoing result of this long-term relationship  is a renewed interest in Ecover and their clean world revolution across social media, with more and more people now spreading their purpose driven mission to positively impact people and planet. This is a fantastic result for everyone involved, and proof of the extent of the influence that B Corporations can have by coming together as a community of like-minded people in business.