Sending more sustainable emails

Written by Rachael B. - September 13, 2023

We launched our digital sustainability newsletter, Curiously Green, in 2019, with the idea we may attract a small audience interested in the idea of greening the web. We were so convinced it would be a small audience that we didn’t even announce it on our website, we just quietly added a sign-up form and waited to see what would happen.

Four years and more than 6,000 subscribers later, we’re continuously blown away by the community of changemakers who read our monthly thoughts on greening the web, and the conversations we have with fellow sustainability professionals who are equally passionate about working towards the creation of a more sustainable, more humane web. 

Although we’re dedicated to sharing our passion for digital sustainability, as a sustainable business, we’re also mindful of how much we’re adding to our – and your! – digital carbon footprint. It’s not lost on us that 2019, when we started our newsletter, was the same year that Kevin Guerin started Digital Clean Up Day, to raise global awareness about the environmental impact of the digital industry!

That’s why we’re switching to EcoSend as our new email provider. Although each of our individual email footprints may be small when compared to other digital services, small things – such as regularly cleaning out our inboxes – can, collectively, make a big difference. And as a business sending out emails, we must also play our part.

Did you know that more than 300 billion emails are sent every day? Any single email can generate up to 26g of CO₂ emissions, all from the energy required to build, send, receive, and store it. This is why, every now and then, we encourage our Curiously Green subscribers to delete our emails after reading them! 

We’ve chosen to move to EcoSend because of their dedication to not only offsetting their emissions through their global tree-planting partnerships, but also by actively reducing the emissions generated from any email campaigns sent via their platform. Thanks to their systems – all powered by renewable energy – the size of an email sent through EcoSend can be up to a third smaller than other platforms, making switching a no-brainer.

If you’re considering switching email providers, head to EcoSend to learn more about their dedication to lowering the carbon footprint of email marketing. If you’re interested in our monthly updates on all things digital sustainability, do sign up to join our Curiously Green community