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Crafting an online community agency website

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Project overview

Fellow B Corporation, Standing on Giants, is the world’s first agency for businesses that want to build a brand-owned, online community. Founded by Robbie Hearn and Vincent Boon, who met on the startup team of giffgaff, this award-winning team bring their expertise from the success of the giffgaff’s online community business model and work with businesses from Airbnb to Tesco, to help them create a similarly thriving community for their customers.

After going through a couple of brand iterations, Standing on Giants hired their first Marketing Manager, who, working with Ditto Creative, refreshed the company brand to make it more accurately reflect who they are and what they do. The natural next step was to create a website that did the same, and that’s where we come in!

We met the Standing on Giants team over a year ago and got to know them before they started on their B Corp journey. We enjoyed getting to know them while they were going through the certification process, and eventually worked together to create and launch their brand new, low carbon website in early 2021, to better communicate their services and demonstrate the value they offer.


  • In depth discovery
  • Streamlined design
  • Modular flexible layout


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For me, I love how the website deftly balances elegance and professionalism with personality. That’s a very key part of our company identity and it’s a tricky thing to get right

Rob Fawkes, Head of Brand & Communications

In depth discovery

The most important aspect of the new website for the Standing on Giants team was that their messaging was clear and the site would be easy to navigate. There is a lot of depth to what they offer and therefore it can be a challenge to communicate this in an accessible way.

Image of Miro boards to create user profiles

Ensuring that we spent time on discovery made sure we had all agreed on a well defined audience, before we set about creating a site that would provide a streamlined experience for all visitors.

The discovery sessions were very useful as they got everyone on the same page on who our target visitor was, what journey we felt they needed to have and what info was needed at which point.

Rob Fawkes, Head of Brand & Communications

Intuitive design

Based on the user journeys we identified at the discovery stage, we simplified the top level menu. This makes it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. To keep it streamlined, we created a drop-down menu for the ‘Solutions’ option so that returning visitors can navigate straight to their chosen service from the home page

Image of Standing on Giants' solutions (services) page displayed on a tablet with a mobile in front showing the case studies page

The design was so intuitive and it gives me confidence that we’ll be able to update and maintain the site for many years to come!

Rob Fawkes, Head of Brand & Communications

Modular flexible layout

Using our in-house, super efficient Granola code base, we created a modular design, which offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to updating and expanding the website. 

This makes it straightforward for the Standing on Giants team to add as many additional pages as they may need, without losing anything on performance. Making it easy for the team to do this internally, allows the new site to grow with the business, without the need for frequent whole website updates. 

Image of the team page, highlighting the CEO's profile

CMS Training

The most enjoyable part of the process for me was when we had our CMS training and I saw how simple it was going to be to create what we wanted.

Rob Fawkes, Head of Brand & Communications

As with all of our projects, we provided comprehensive WordPress CMS training to the team, to ensure that they would feel confident to update the site’s content.

Wholegrain have everything I want in an agency: deep expertise, great people and a drive beyond simply making the most profit.

Rob - a man smiling. Our client

Rob Fawkes