Upgrading Oxfam’s policy and practice website

Image of the new Oxfam policy and practice website

Project overview

World renowned charity Oxfam is a global movement that works towards ending poverty for good

In 2020, we helped Oxfam to move their Policy and Practice website, which is their platform for sharing knowledge and learning with external audiences, to WordPress from their previous CMS system.

As part of this website update, which included migrating more than 7,000 pieces of content from local websites into one global resource, we also updated the look and feel of the site, pulling several strands of content into one place with a more streamlined design. 

The brand new, global .org website offers a much improved user experience for both the professionals and practitioners around the world who regularly seek policy and practice resources, and for the team who keep it up to date with the latest knowledge, evidence and ideas from all of Oxfam’s work with communities and partner organisations.


  • Accessible design
  • WordPress migration and custom plugin development 
  • Improved search 


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Thank you so much for all of your amazing work in developing our new site! It looks beautiful and I’m really excited being able to showcase our work in a more attractive and accessible way.

Helen Wishart, Editorial Manager

Accessible design

The new site design needed to meet Oxfam’s requirements of accessibility and sustainability, while keeping in line with their recognisable branding. With sustainability at the forefront of all of our work, we were able to create a more dynamic homepage that achieves both of these aims.

Simplifying the design makes the website much faster for those accessing the site with low or limited bandwidth, as well making the new site more accessible through the use of less image heavy design, and more inclusive language.

Image of two tablets, one on the left showing the partnerships page and one on the right showing the latest resources, each with a thumbnail image and short description of the resource

In order to improve the user experience of the new website, we created custom landing pages aimed at the Policy and Practice site’s specific audience of practitioners, researchers, partners. For each document available, we also highlighted the languages available and page length upfront, being clear about document types and sizes, letting people know how to cite content, including share buttons on every page.

WordPress migration and plugin development

The challenge for this project was the migration of more than 7,000 pieces of content, as well as ensuring the new site would be able to display content from the Oxfam Digital Repository. This repository is a collection of free, publicly available, publications (4,800 at the time of writing) produced by Oxfam.

To meet this challenge, our team developed a WordPress Plugin, which synchronises with the repository, so that all content from the repository can be displayed on the site. This plugin also means that publications can be created, deleted, edited and managed by the team directly via the website, using the standard WordPress post interface. This allows the different research teams across Oxfam to have more ownership of the online presence for their respective areas.

Improved search 

The new website is resources-led, recognising that most people see Policy & Practice as the ‘home’ for Oxfam’s wealth of published content. All of the resources from across Oxfam’s wide body of work has been made available via the new site, including adding cover images to every available document, and connecting related articles.

Image showing the search function of the new website. The main page shows the list of resources, and is displayed on a tablet. In front there is a mobile device displaying the search filters

The subject categories for the new site are driven by the publications hosted in Oxfam’s digital repository, where they are categorised by ‘theme.’ 

Once a theme is selected, The advanced, cross-site search function uses the same themes to direct people to the appropriate content, displaying one of several theme landing pages, each of which display an overview of the theme as well as showing all the search results and highlighting additional external resources that may be useful.

You’ve been the highlight of a challenging project in a challenging year and I’m so grateful for all your wonderful work and the time and attention you’ve put in to deliver our new Policy & Practice! I know the site will make such a difference to the work of Oxfam and so many others.

oxfam logo

Emily Gillingham