Lovely things our clients have said about us.

Wholegrain’s interactive workshop on sustainable web development, integrating real-world case studies and hands-on exercises, was perfect for engaging our product and tech teams. They left equipped with practical tools and frameworks for immediate implementation. The actionable insights are already making a positive impact, leading to more efficient and environmentally friendly digital solutions.

Michelle Whitehead

Michelle Whithead

The Wholegrain team helped us to calculate the carbon footprint of the website and provided us with detailed, actionable improvements to reduce our impact across all our sites. They have played a pivotal role in raising our awareness on the subject, and powered us to champion sustainability within our department.

Linzi Ricketts

Linzi Ricketts

The Wholegrain team delivered a more agile, engaging and navigable site, that ran parallel to a complete brand change for our organisation. Importantly the new site had to pivot to prioritise the fundraising channels and communications and navigation to a donation pathway – all achieved with a much improved visual and tangible user experience.

Man wearing red bull racing shirt

Ben Wyatt

Incorporating sustainability into everything we do is an investment into our future. We started collaborating with Wholegrain Digital, and they helped us calculate the carbon footprint of our websites, raise awareness on the subject and gave us a list of specific tasks to reduce our impact.

Anna stands on a stage with a microphone in her hand, looking as though she is delivering a talk. She is wearing blue trousers and a yellow jacket and gestures towards the audience.

Anna Corazza

Wholegrain meticulously crafted a user-friendly WordPress CMS that not only looked great but also functioned flawlessly. Their ability to meet deadlines and deliver projects on time demonstrated their commitment to client satisfaction and we are looking forward to working together to grow our website and increase our traffic.

Joe Kendrick

Wholegrain provided the Unilever.com team with straightforward, actionable improvements to decrease the carbon footprint of Unilever.com. A recommended change to our homepage resulted in a significant improvement in the carbon score of this page.

Katherine Attoe, Unilever

Katherine Attoe

The carbon reduction we’ve been able to achieve with the Wholegrain team, thanks to their focus on the importance of sustainability, has been eye-opening! We’ve ended up with a UKGBC website that’s easy to use, has a contemporary look, and mirrors our charitable goals by being as low carbon as possible.

Image of Daisy Everingham from UKGBC

Daisy Everingham

We found the Wholegrain team incredibly helpful and patient while defining our new information architecture, as we didn’t really know what we wanted. I’d specially highlight their great service and responsiveness, which was critical in the last weeks before launch. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Image of Isabel Anthony from Loyal Guru.

Isabel Anthony

Thank you Wholegrain for such a wonderful site.

Image of Livi de Santos from International Alert

Livi de Santos

Aliter is always looking to make what’s good, better. Our new website embodies this spirit of continual improvement and performance while still being good for the planet.

Tamil karikalan

Tamil Karikalan

Wholegrain Digital was a key partner in the success of our Carbon-Neutral Net initiative.

Atash Khosrorad

We were delighted with Wholegrain’s approach to our work. Communication throughout the project was excellent and they were very easy to work with. We are very pleased with the final result.

Black and white image of Lesley Miles

Lesley Miles

I’m very happy with the quality of the product delivered and the deep knowledge of the Wholegrain team on what’s best for our website in terms of UX, accessibility, performance, security and SEO.

Alexandra - marketing manager at Acturis

Alexandra Vrettou

We now have a beautifully finished website that tells our story, a story that is constantly evolving. Its responsive, fast and we can edit every single section of it – in house.

image of adam huttly of red-inc

Adam Huttly

My sincerest gratitude to the team at Wholegrain Digital for bringing our vision to life and especially massively reducing the emission of our digital presences. You are soulmates and allies for the needed change and a true steward.

Karel photo

Karel J. Golta

It has been a joy to work with you all and we’re really thrilled with the result! Thank you all of you for bringing ongoing energy, ideas and low-carbon expertise to this project. 

Hannah Reiss - lady smiling

Hannah Reiss

It has been a pleasure working with the Wholegrain team. They have built us a website we are extremely proud of and I look forward to working together more as we look to develop the website further.

Daniel Barton - picture of a man in black and white

Daniel Barton

Thank you so much for your creative vision, technical expertise, hard work and great sense of patience and humour. You are fabulous creatures.

John O'Callaghan - Head Of Communications - Centre for Humanitarian

John O’Callaghan

Thanks for all the amazing work your team have done on getting this website up and running. It is fabulous and we are so grateful – it really has exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

Sonia Brown

Sonia Brown

We needed a digital agency who we could trust to launch our new website in time. What we found in Wholegrain is so much more! The Wholegrain team is dynamic, generous, knowledgeable, organised and a total joy to work with — we consider them an extension of our in-house brand team, rather than an agency.

Kerry Budd - lady smiling

Kerry Budd

At Resolution Foundation, we were delighted not only by the high standard of the work provided by Wholegrain Digital, but also by the excellent communication with team members and high quality of the overall service.

Image of Rebecca Hawkes, from the Resolution Foundation

Becki Hawkes

I am absolutely thrilled – thank you again everyone for your work!

Ilona Puskas

In addition to their deep wells of patience with the client, it’s the small touches that set Wholegrain’s approach to this project apart!

Alastair - European Digital Manager for ecover

Alastair Little

It’s been wonderful working with such a skilled, generous and respectful team who were consistently responsive to children and young people’s ideas and feedback.

carolyne from article 39

Carolyne Willow

When it came time to redesigning our website, we didn’t even consider anyone else. First class service and a website that was on-time, on-budget and exceeded expectations. 

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Working with Wholegrain has been an absolute pleasure. They are helpful, professional and committed to getting the job done. I am sincerely grateful to the team for their creativity and hard work. Against tight deadlines, we were able to find a design solution and product that does exactly what we need.

Aga Khan centre london logo

Christopher Wilton-Steer,

Huge thanks to the whole team at Wholegrain! We are so impressed by the smooth transition. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. We’re loving the new website. Thank you so much for all your hard work. 

Image of Manal, CEO of Zaytoun products. She is smiling and clapping

Manal Ramadan White

It was easy to work with Wholegrain Digital, even given the many time zones between us, because they were diligent about planning check-in calls and using online platforms that made it possible to collaborate on wireframes, designs and schedules.

ifex logo

Erin Woycik

You’ve been the highlight of a challenging project in a challenging year and I’m so grateful for all your wonderful work and the time and attention you’ve put in to deliver our new Policy & Practice! I know the site will make such a difference to the work of Oxfam and so many others.

oxfam logo

Emily Gillingham

Our project wasn’t simple, but at every turn we felt that Wholegrain really cared about helping us make the decisions that were right for us and get the results that we wanted. We had a great time working with Wholegrain and would recommend them to anyone.

Hetty - our client. Absolutely lovely lady smiling

Hetty Boardman-Weston

Wholegrain have an excellent team who are all experts in their field, and were always happy to share knowledge and expertise.

Jessica Homer

Jess Homer

The NHS Resolution website is a world away from the old NHS LA and NCAS sites. You’ve made the designs really come to life with flair and wonderful functionality.

Katherine Ogilvie, Digital Communications Manager

We want to send a shout out to the amazing team at Wholegrain Digital. Their expertise, flexibility and all round loveliness made working with them on it a real pleasure. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Laura Roling

Great communication, friendly and very easy to work with – an extension of our own team.

NuHeat Liam profile photo

Liam Taborn

The thing that impressed me most about working with Wholegrain was their excellent communication throughout the project. Despite everyone remote working for the duration of the project there was also a strong sense of Wholegrain working as a team to deliver the project and respond to issues that came up.

Image of Merlin Sibley

Merlin Sibley

Wholegrain mean it when they say that they use their business as a force for good, they have bought our research to life and made the communication of our work to advance gender, justice and inclusive security so much easier by building such an accessible knowledge platform that will be used to advance change.

London School of Economics Logo

Nicky Armstrong

Super helpful, friendly + professional, perfect combination. Wholegrain have been key partners for me and the team as we looked to drive efficiency moving to a WordPress platform and deliver an efficient roll out of a new European website for method.

Picture of a man looking through his hands

Peter Rosier

Wholegrain have everything I want in an agency: deep expertise, great people and a drive beyond simply making the most profit.

Rob - a man smiling. Our client

Rob Fawkes

Wholegrain is our rock!

sara article 19

Sara Wilbourne

It has been a joy working with Wholegrain Digital on the new World MS Day website. Despite our tight timeframe,Wholegrain Digital delivered a stylish, user-friendly site for our supporters. Together, we were able to create an accessible visual ID that elevated our brand.

Sarah Dobson

Wholegrain enabled us to consolidate 12 disparate websites on antiquated platforms into one rebranded WordPress environment with aplomb.

Mark H Cohen

We’re loving the new website. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Lady standing the sunset. Bridget - Community manager at zaytoun

Bridget Cowan

Amazing stuff thank you. The new site is great. Looking fantastic and great on mobile too.

Picture of black and white houses with a plain sky

Jason Charles

A successful outcome and delivered the project on time and to the quality required. I cannot express enough how impressed I have been.

andy jones digital network rail

Andy Jones

Wholegrain Digital handled the project with due care and attention and helped us translate our ideas into an easily navigable website that really represents who we are as a charity. We could not be happier with the result.

image of greenhouse sports logo

Jessica Doherty

The quality of your design work is very high. We have found WG a very supportive professional partner in helping us develop a better website and digital communications products and workflows. You understand our needs and issues very well and are always able to offer thoughtful, useful advice and suggestions.

article 19 logo

Sophie Hall

This looks amazing! Love it! Thanks so much for helping to launch our B2B site. I still maintain that it is the best in the industry.

Hayley Santus

Salvador Ruiz, Marketing Manager, Alpha People

When we were in the process of searching for the right Agency to help us developing our Global multisite, we mainly looked at 2 things: Professionalism (knowledge) and commitment. We got everything we needed from Wholegrain Digital and more.

George Barlow, Marketing manager, Acturis.

Working with Wholegrain over the past few years has been a pleasure. They are a genuinely lovely group of people, willing to go that extra mile when needed and I would happily recommend them to anyone look for true experts in the WordPress space.


Dr.Emma Egging – CEO, John Egging Trust:

I really enjoyed the creative experience of working with you and your team. Having a fit for purpose website, which captures the ethos of the Trust and represents our work improving the lives of young people, is so very important and you have helped us to get it just right. Your patience is incredible and you were a delight to work with.

Kate Clarke – Publisher, Mr.Fox Magazine:

The site looks brilliant and we are so pleased with it and everything you have done. Wholegrain have been fantastic to work with from start to finish – a different league compared to other web developers we have worked with previously.

Svein Clouston – Senior Content Editor and Strategist, King Content:

Vineeta and the team at Wholegrain are a pleasure to work with. They stepped up to the task brilliantly and fulfilled all our requests (last-minute and otherwise) without hesitation. The brief was a sensitive and complicated one and I’m happy to report that both we (agency) and the client were delighted.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending Wholegrain for any web dev work. They provided amazing service and made my job easier. Win-win!

Michael O’Rourke – Founder of Morpheus Wellness Solutions:

They go out of their way to work with you on a custom solution. There’s a lot of give and take, and sharing of ideas and information, which I think leads to higher-quality solutions. I found them very supportive and very effective at communication. They’re just very capable and competent professionals.

Alex Kim – Associate Partner, Edward Charles:

When I first called Wholegrain I discovered the team was out of the country on an away day and so left a message. Incredibly I had a call from Vineeta in 30 mins to discuss the project and book an appointment to meet.

Always happy to take calls, host at their offices or come and meet at ours. “Dedicated and enthusiastic” best describes the Wholegrain team from my experience and I hope to do so again.

Also worth noting that the Wholegrain after service was fantastic when we wanted tweaks 12 months later.

Gabrielle Brooks – Marketing Manager, Genesis Imaging:

In Wholegrain we have not only excellent website designers and developers but also excellent friends – I very much feel the team at Wholegrain are like an extension of our own. I feel confident that when I ask Wholegrain for revisions to our website or for support, my questions will be answered with utmost honesty and the best possible solutions will be found in the shortest possible timeframe. Working with Wholegrain is a joy – and one I hope continues for many years to come. Thanks, guys!

Salvador Ruiz – EMEA Marketing Manager, AlfaPeople:

When we were in the process of searching for the right agency to help us develop our global multisite, we mainly looked at two things: Professionalism (knowledge) and commitment. Wholegrain Digital has exceeded our expectations during this project. We are a happy client, looking forward to continuing our business activity in partnership with Wholegrain Digital

Gareth Martin – Managing Director, Haus Block Management

My current website was completed by Wholegrain Digital and they did an excellent job. Over the last fifteen years I’ve had lots of websites (too many probably!) developed for four businesses, and both the end-product Wholegrain delivered – and the process to get there, were the ‘best’ I’ve so far been involved with. Attention to detail was great, I was kept regularly informed of progress, changes I requested were swiftly implemented, and I was given sound advice throughout on what would ‘work’ and what wouldn’t from both design and conversion perspectives. Particularly, I have to say that I was impressed with the balance that was achieved here – and strong conversion principles seemed to drive many of the design decisions which were made along the way. The proof is in the pudding here though, and since I have gone live with the new site I have experienced a significant improvement in my conversion rate. My project was run by Eugene who was excellent throughout. I’d use them again in a flash.

John Anderson – Owner and Director, Everything Ibiza

Since we discovered Wholegrain Digital would ‘tweak’ our already created WordPress website, we have developed a super working relationship with Tom and all his team. Due to their quality work, innovative ideas and modern approach, we as a business have developed our website into new areas we didn’t realise were possible. Now that we are part of the Wholegrain Digital family, we won’t be ‘searching’ for anyone else.

Sam Owens – Owner and Director, Le Verre Gourmand

Eugene was extremely helpful and put in a lot of effort to ensure we launched the site as we wanted. Thanks.

Sarah Aliker – Earth Security Group

Very satisifed and enjoyed the process along the way. Service that went above and beyond. Enjoyed working with Eugene

Chiara Tenuzzo – Director, Aria Luxury Villas Ltd

As a small business, I needed guidance and efficacy at reasonable costs for improving my website. I asked Tom, Eugene and Ervin to create a solid and continuing work relationship and I was never disappointed. Wholegrain Digital not just delivered in time, providing high-quality products, but their team were there anytime I had a doubt or a malfunctioning. I really would recommend their services to any small business like me having big plans, high-quality expectations and limited budget.
I really loved your promptness and efficacy. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Many thanks!
Ervin is great! Keep him with you… he is precious 🙂

Rebecca Perry – Online Marketing & Social Media Manager, YOTEL New York

Wholegrain is an agency that just *gets* it. They completely understand the direction we are looking to go, and always offer speedy service and an above-and-beyond attitude that is crucial to our growth. Vineeta is an exceptional account manager who is thorough and accommodating to our requests. Working with Vineeta and Wholegrain has been a pleasure, and I recommend them to anyone needing WordPress or website guidance/design.

Aaron O’Dowling-Keane – Managing Producer, eSeller.net

Working with Wholegrain was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Talented, responsive, intuitive and friendly – they were a dream team. For future projects and recommendations to anyone looking for an agency – there’s no-one else I’d choose.

Stephen Morgan– Sales and Marketing, Caffe Culture

Wholegrain have continually provided the top level of support. They are a proactive not a reactive team (although they react at the speed of light when we need them to!). They are refreshing to work with and always a pleasure as they provide us with new ideas and realise the ideas that we have. We will continue to work with Wholegrain as they are exactly the type of company that we want to work with and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thanks for your hard work and above all your excellent expertise.

Sarah Berresford – Marketing Controller, Acumen Consumer Insights

Wholegrain have done a fantastic job for us, enabling us to get a new website up and running quickly and efficiently. I have been impressed with how responsive the team were during the whole process and also supporting us after the website went live.

Chloe Atkinson – Project Manager – International E-Commerce, Marks and Spencer:

No task was too great for the Wholegrain team – they quickly grasped our requirements and went above and beyond to deliver our solution to a very high standard and within a relatively short timeline. We were very pleased with the end-product and it was a pleasure to work with such a creative and knowledgeable team. So much so, that we re-engaged Wholegrain on further pieces of development after the initial scope of work was delivered.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Vineeta and the Wholegrain team to any future client; the intellect, drive and creativity that the team brings to a project is a real asset.

Jo Chudley – Director, Sundial Group:

Wholegrain Digital have done a great job for us and Vineeta was a pleasure to work with. She supported and guided us with every little detail on our new website. We are thrilled with the result and are planning to continue to work with Wholegrain on other projects.

Shaun D’Arcy – Partner at Lighthouse Adcomms:

Wholegrain Digital are everything you would want from a specialist web design and development company – supportive, responsive, friendly and able to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Nothing is too much trouble for Vineeta and Tom, and we have found working with them a genuine pleasure. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

David Nandhra – Partner Hyphen8:

A superb, timely, friendly, customer-focused and wonderful experience.
Wholegrain Digital are a great team that understood our needs, provided quality advice and guidance on best practice, were flexible in meeting our challenging requirements, and delivered our website – a great solution – on time, and at a very competitive price.

David Williams – Events Manager at Coventry Cathedral:

I was starting out on a new project and had no experience of creating a brand. After surveying the field we selected Scamper Branding (now Wholegrain Digital). Their creativity knew no bounds as we looked for the “right” logo – and the one that we decided on had unanimous support from the organising committee. They then provided a comprehensive style guide, designs for marketing collateral and a web site. We top Google for our chosen key words. A first class service!

Adam O’ Boyle – President, Oxford Hub:

We really wanted to get some affordable, professional advice to help us convey our message and develop a brand that would encourage students to take note of our services. We needed to have a brand that appealed to a wide range of students and could compete with other strong brands on campus. Scamper (Wholegrain) have given us the perfect template to develop our publicity materials and a logo and slogan that students have responded to really well. The slogan is perfect – we’d hunted around for ages and Scamper (Wholegrain) struck on exactly the right phrase to convey our message.

Lotty Chudley – Sundial Teamscapes:

Thank you all so much for your incredibly hard work on our new website project. Your support, commitment, ‘can do’ attitude and customer service were all outstanding. I will be recommending Wholegrain whenever I get a chance in the future and sincerely hope that I will work with your team again – thoroughly impressed by the whole service and very pleased with our new website www.sundialteamscapes.com . Thank you all!

Mark Kavanagh – Crossways:

The team at Granula are knowledgeable and dedicated WordPress experts. I have found dealing with Granula easy and they always endeavour to communicate with their clients and keep them up to speed. I would recommend Granula for a hassle-free WordPress hosting as they are experienced, helpful and nice people to work with.

Hessia Fernandes – Corporate New Business Development Manager at CoolTribe.com:

Wholegrain is my web design partner of choice. In this very competitive market, Wholegrain is a beacon of professionalism and they provide excellent services at fair prices. Their support services are second to none and nothing is ever too much for their Digital Producer Director, Vineeta Greenwood. Wholegrain Digital is currently doing the SEO for Cooltribe and we are number 1 on google for our chosen keywords. Thank you guys.

Adam Breen – Managing Director at Evasion Travel Ltd:

Fast, professional and very flexible. Wholegrain Digital cope very well with our ever-changing requirements and are quick to respond to problems.

Dr Andrew Douglas – MD, Newhall Publications:

I was delighted with the work Scamper (Wholegrain) carried out for our company. They are both prompt and effective – a combination you don’t always get from a creative agency. They also have the ability to think round a subject in an innovative ‘left field’ way, which in our case delivered the outcome we had hoped for.

Mehdi Lacombe – Founder, Vinces Beach:

Thank you so much for the work you’ve been doing for me, I’m very grateful. Scamper (Wholegrain) has been a great support for me. You’ve helped me launch my organic cotton t-shirt brand, you’ve participated in the birth of the clothes with your genuine sense of team work. Your imagination knows no bounds! The communication has been very positive and constructive. You’ve anticipated my expectations. Sustainability is not just a word for you, it’ means a lot more. It’ s your way of living, thinking, acting, behaving, it is just permanently in your mind!Thanks again for what you’ve been doing for me, it simply is art work!

Natasha Freestone – Founder, Albert & I:

Scamper (Wholegrain) have been critical to the formation of my company:  they provided all the necessary back-up for making my idea a reality. I’ve been impressed not only with their commitment to the project, but also their patience and flexibility in the face of difficulties. It is for this reason that I have chosen Scamper to consult with me on my next project.!

Lynelda Martens – Co-founder, MakeMyStay:

Throughout the development of our brand Scamper (Wholegrain) have demonstrated an excellent understanding of the goal of our business as well as the competitive and business environment in which will operate. We are thrilled with the brand that has been developed and are confident the advice we have received will aid our business’s success.