Tom Greenwood

Managing Director
Tom - managing director wholegrain

Tom is our co-founder and sustainability nut.

Active in the sustainable design scene in the early 2000’s, he is the author of the book Sustainable Web Design. He also wrote the sustainable design chapter for the book Design & Designing: A Critical Introduction and had graphic design work featured in the Harper Collins Big Book of Green Design.

Keen to test his hypothesis that “sustainable business” was not an oxymoron if sustainability was designed in, he co-founded Wholegrain together with his wife Vineeta.

As Managing Director it’s his job to “manage the direction” of the team and ensure that we are always sailing towards a new utopia, delivering true value to our clients, quality of life to our team and always staying true to our mission.

He’s spearheaded our initiatives to put sustainability on the agenda of the digital sector, leading the creation of the Sustainable Web Manifesto and Website Carbon.

He has presented at events internationally including An Event Apart, Brighton SEO and WordCamp Europe, has been featured in films for the BBC and CNN, and is a regular guest on tech podcasts. He also writes regular articles about design, business and sustainability on our blog, in his Oxymoron newsletter and in many other publications.

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