WordPress Hosting Consultancy

WordPress Hosting Consultancy

Hosting is a critical element of any website’s success, heavily impacting performance, security, data protection and sustainability. As a WordPress agency with over a decade of experience, we are well positioned to give our clients the best advice on hosting their website.

We maintain strong relationships with leading WordPress hosting providers and are constantly testing new services, but always retain an agnostic approach and don’t take kick-backs. This enables us to give our clients honest and impartial advice to help them select and implement the optimal solution for each project.

We have even run our own WordPress hosting service in the past. It was an experience that taught us a huge amount and led us to the belief that clients should not host their website with their design and development agency. Web hosting is a specialist service that is best served with specialist teams and infrastructure in place, and a clear separation between agency and hosting services creates a healthy relationship that benefits the client in the long term.

We believe that all websites should be hosted with providers powered by green energy and are able to recommend and design solutions to meet every use case.

If you are looking for impartial advice on how and where to host your WordPress project, give us a call and have a chat.