WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress Maintenance and Support

As with any CMS, maintenance of WordPress is important to ensure ongoing security and performance, as well as to benefit from continuous improvements in technology and design.

Our maintenance and support plans are designed to ensure that you don’t have to think about maintenance, and that we work together to continuously add value and support you in getting the most from your web presence.

Maintenance Plans include:

Regular WordPress core, plugin and theme updates

Applied on a monthly schedule by default, with immediate implementation of important security releases when required.

Security support

Website hardening when required, implementation of non-WordPress patches and assistance dealing with any perceived or actual threats to the site.

Hosting Liaison

Facilitating a successful host, developer, client relationship and handling hosting related queries and issues when required.

Hosted Staging and Dev Sites

Where required we will provide additional staging and dev environments. All code will also be versioned via GitLab.

Uptime Monitoring

We run automated checks every minute to ensure that the site is online. Our team is notified via email and Slack if there is an issue. Notifications can also be sent to the client on request.

Secondary Backups

We strongly advise the provision of secondary backups, separate to those provided by the web host. We run real time backups on the site to ensure that we always have the latest data in the event that is is needed.

Tailored plans

Tailored plans are created based on the specific requirements of the website and business objectives. Before pursuing a maintenance plan a free one hour code review will be conducted.

Support Plans include:

If you require general CMS support or development alongside your routine maintenance plan, we would advise purchasing a package of support hours to guarantee availability. Services typically include:

  • CMS support
  • Q&A support
  • Design and development time
  • New functionality e.g. plugins
  • General fixes and changes