WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress is constantly being evolved and improved, and it’s vital that your WordPress website keeps up to ensure it remains secure, well-optimised, and benefits from continuous improvements in technology and design.

You won’t need to think or worry about maintenance with our maintenance and support plans; these are designed to continuously add value and support you in getting the most from your web presence.

Our maintenance plans include regular WordPress updates, security support, hosting liaison, hosted staging and dev sites, uptime monitoring, and secondary backups. Our support plans include CMS support, Q&A support, design and development time, new functionality such as plugins, and general fixes and changes.

We recommend our WordPress Maintenance and Support to all our clients, and currently serve WordPress websites up to the very largest size and complexity. As London’s original WordPress agency, we can do it.

We cover the basics of WordPress maintenance and support, whilst also adding value at every opportunity. This makes our packages an excellent offering: get in touch today.