Our recruitment process

Honestly, be yourself

We want to know the real you, the person behind the screen.

You don’t need to modify yourself to fit every single requirement, just present your talents, skills and knowledge as the way it is!

We value and appreciate honesty, and we will respect your honest truth and genuine self. We are happy to open ourselves to you as well, so be ready to get a mouth full of Wholegrain!

More diversity, more culture

We are improving our recruitment platforms and practise to make sure we can attract a diverse group of candidate for our roles.

It really doesn’t matter where you come from, we will embrace you with open arm and warm greetings!

There will no never be questions in our recruitment process that ask about your ethnic origin and nationality, nor used as criteria for candidates evaluations.

It is like having a fun chat, but longer

We make sure our interviewers are all professional and friendly. There is no room for judgement and discrimination in all of our interviews.

It is like a fun chat, and we will make sure you feel comfortable and respected, during and after the interview.

Yes, we provide positive feedback, and we make sure the evaluation is fair and transparent. If unfortunately, you didn’t get the role, we will let you know how we assess the suitability and how we make decisions.

Our Recruitment Process in a nut shell

  1. Application: you submit your application online, and we will receive it!
  2. Screening: We will have a look on your CV, cover letter, and portfolio ( if applicable). A telephone call will be arranged if you successfully pass the screening
  3. 30 mins Telephone call with our HR team: Let’s get to know each other a bit more!
  4. A bit home work for you: Dev test, design test or demo test
  5. Video interview: It is time to meet in person!

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