Wholegrain Digital contributes expert website advice

Written by Rachael B. - August 10, 2015

Wholegrain Digital MD and Co-Founder Tom Greenwood was recently featured in an article by digital research firm Clutch, on the options available when building a website.

Drawing from Tom’s interview with Clutch in June, he was quoted several times, saying:

“A website really starts from defining the goals and defining the uses. Then, you can map out the functionality around that and compare the various systems to see which one fits.”

and on WordPress…

“One of the reasons that people use WordPress in the first place is that it’s really flexible. There is a huge range of plug-ins and themes that you can use.”

The feature includes advice from experts across the field of web design and development, giving readers the opportunity to see a wide range of components to consider before beginning to build a website. Read the full article over at Clutch.

What are your thoughts? Any additional things you would add to this? Do share in the comments below!