We’re (still!) Best for the World

Written by Rachael Blair - September 10, 2019

We are very proud to announce that we made B Corporation’s 2019 Best for the World honorees list for the second time, just two years after we achieved B Corporation status in 2017.

Neisha, Rachael, Josh photo on ice rink in somerset house

Last year, we were excited to learn that we were in the top 10% of certified B Corporations globally, for our positive impact in the Workers category.  Among those in the UK who were also honoured for their impact in this area are our friends at Forster Communications and Leap, so we are in great company! But what does this all mean?

Business as a force for good

We became a B Corporation as a way of holding ourselves accountable as a company, by actually measuring the impact we have on the world to ensure that it’s at worst, minimal and at best, positive. 

Every company that certifies as a B Corporation has gone through the B Impact assessment; a rigorous process that evaluates performance in several categories, including environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, involvement in the local community and the impact a company’s product or service has on those it serves. Only those who score in the top 10th percentile in any area of this assessment make the Best For The World honorees list, so it is a remarkable achievement.

While we are proud of our efforts, we are also inspired by the ‘Changemakers’ like our friends at MightyBytes whose improvement scores rank in the top 20% of global B Corps, those who scored highest overall, and those who are leaders in environmental performance, all of whom challenge us to do more to join them in being the change.

Best for workers

As the category we scored highest in is workers, for treating our team well, some words must go to our team members, who share below their feelings about being part of the Wholegrain team:

Working in a company that puts people first means that work can play a positive part of my life rather than being something that eclipses my life. I like that I know that the company is genuinely interested in my wellbeing and will make every effort to help out if  things become stressful. – Jerome, Senior WordPress Developer.

Jerome playing jenga on a rooftop - on our team day

In my time at Wholegrain, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “but that’s not my job.” Of course, we all have specific skill sets relevant to our job titles but we all help each other out whenever needed, in whatever ways we can. As a parent, there have been a few times that family responsibilities have had to take precedence, and while I always make sure that I prioritise my workload, I have taken full advantage of Wholegrain’s flexible working policy over the years! Rachael, Team Genie

Although new to Wholegrain, the sense of warmth, positivity and support I have encountered from the whole team has been palpable. The inclusive environment trickles down from the top and permeates the entire company culture, with the one being vital to the whole. It respects the individual needs of every member of the team, which is good for the soul and contributes significantly to a sense of personal wellbeing! Gary, Account Manager

Among the benefits we offer to ensure our team has a healthy work/life balance are a genuinely open hiring process and flexible working policy, free use of London’s Santander bikes, rewards for using reusable energy and annual volunteering and team fun days. We’ve also just signed up to 10:10 Climate Action’s new employee scheme, ‘Climate Perks’, which allows us to reward staff with additional holidays for choosing to travel sustainably.

Chris excited on our team day

We’re always looking for ways to do better and do so through open communication with the team, who are invited to share their ideas on new policies and internal practices on an ongoing basis. 

Ensuring our team is happy and healthy is just one step towards achieving our mission. This year, with the launch of our sustainable web manifesto, and our recent declaration of a climate emergency, we’re doing more than ever to lead the shift towards an internet that’s good for people and planet.

If you’d like to join the B Corp family, and be a part of the movement working towards a more sustainable future, why not head over to the B Impact assessment now, to find out more and see what changes you can start to make.