We Have Moved!

Written by Vineeta G - February 5, 2018

We are fortunate to have worked with some amazing like-minded businesses in the past six years as founding members of Impact Hub Westminster. As part of a tight-knit community, all the companies based there – known as ‘Hubbers’ – developed strong relationships and looked out for each other. We shared great ideas, experiences and knowledge, which led to many ongoing professional collaborations, not to mention friendships!

At ‘The Hub’, as we affectionately referred to the space, the best thing about our communal kitchen was how it naturally became not just a place to make tea, but also an introduction point for businesses to work together, to help  the wider Impact Hub community and its members. Our afternoons were always brightened by our generous host, who provided us with an often much needed sugar boost at the weekly ‘High Tea’ time, offering lots of cakes and cookies to indulge in, and the opportunity to network with members old and new. Sadly, the time has come that we have to say goodbye as the Westminster branch of the Impact Hub will be closing down on the 21st February due to the renovation of the New Zealand House.

So this January, we started to look for our new home. Our criteria for a new place was that it has to be in the vicinity of Westminster – no political reasons for this, it’s just that as a diverse team whose members are from all over the world, we’re a bunch of passionate creatives with an appreciation for the architecture around Central London. We enjoy the opportunity to take this all in, and also see our beautiful capital city through the eyes of tourists when we head out for lunch or a walk. We looked at a few places but once we were given a tour of Somerset House, we needed look no further – we had found our new home.

Somerset House is an iconic building representing the best of British Art and Culture and, as a creative design agency, we could not have asked for a more inspirational location. The stunning architecture with a terrace offering views of the South Bank across the River Thames and the range of creative people and work we will have access to, meant that it was without a second thought that this immediately became our first choice to become our new home. We officially moved in on Thursday 1st February.

Our working culture is based on remote working, but we do value the importance of socialising with our team members, who will now be based at a location that has so much to offer. We are delighted to know that there are a number of businesses who share the same values as us, putting ethics at the heart of business. We hope to continue inspiring other businesses and cannot wait to make a meaningful contribution to the Somerset House residence.