Sustainability Survey 2016

Written by Vineeta G - November 16, 2016

We are committed to increase sustainability in every aspect of our Wholegrain business, by addressing such areas as greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and other social factors.

This year an internal survey about Sustainability was carried out for the first time. The sustainability survey calls for new ways of creating awareness about developing sustainable websites.

According to the survey, 71% of employees are aware that creating websites can impact on our environment. The remaining 29% were either not sure or had never thought about any impact between web designing and its effect on the environment. Similarly, one of the features, Search Engine Optimisation, known as SEO, was seen by 82% of employees as a way of finding the content easily, where only 18% employees saw it as a way of saving energy and making a less negative impact on our environment. Most of our staff work from home and we found only 3% of staff use renewable energy at home. The majority were not aware if their supplier provides them with renewable energy, while 22% think that they will find it a hassle to switch to renewable energy.

Over the coming months, we will be working hard to improve where we can and raise awareness in the areas that need the most attention. We will be taking every possible step to look after our environment and support the communities around us by making sure the way we work has a minimum impact on planet earth. 65% of our staff are definitely willing to take part in sustainability initiatives, while 35% says it will depend on the initiatives. Taking all this into account, we will be bringing some new initiatives to improve the way we operate.


  • 1

    When joining Wholegrain, did the philosophy and values of the company attract you?

    • 71%Yes, they did
    • 23%I was not aware of them before, but now I am
    • 6%Not really
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 2

    Does creating websites have anything to do with sustainability?

    • 71%Yes, they do somehow
    • 17%I’ve never thought about this before
    • 12%I’m not sure
  • 3

    When thinking about the benefits of SEO, what first goes through your mind?

    • 41%Content can be found faster and more easily
    • 41%It can save people time
    • 18%It can save energy
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 4

    Mobile devices such as laptops, phones and tablets use less energy that larger desktop computers due to energy optimised batteries. What do you use?

    • 76%I use mobile devices such as laptop/tablet/phone
    • 12%I use a desktop computer
    • 12%All of the above
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 5

    Do you use renewable energy at home? If you don’t, why not?

    • 28%Not sure if my supplier uses renewable energy
    • 22%Too much hassle to switch / Other
    • 14%Didn’t know it was an option
    • 3%Yes, I do use renewable energy
    • 33%I am not sure
  • 6

    What type of lighting do you use in the room where you work at home?

    • 30%Fluorescent tubes
    • 24%Normal light bulbs (incandescent / filament)
    • 17%Halogen lights (such as spotlights)
    • 11%Energy saving bulbs (Compact Fluorescent or LED)
    • 18%I am not sure
  • 7

    How do you heat the room where you work?

    • 38%Gas fired central heating
    • 19%Electric heaters
    • 12%Oil fired central heating
    • 6%Wood fire/ stove
    • 2%No heating required
    • 23%I am not sure
  • 8

    What is your attitude to theimpact of flying for work?

    • 82%We shouldn’t fly for work unless we genuinely have to
    • 18%It is an issue but shouldn’t stop us from flying
    • 0%I don’t think it matters
    • 0%We should not fly for work under any circumstances
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 9

    What are your thoughts on climate change?

    • 70%It is the most serious issue ever facing humanity and we should do everything we can to combat it
    • 18%It is caused by humans and we should do our bit but not inconvenience ourselves
    • 6%It isn’t a real thing
    • 6%It is caused by humans but individually we can’t do anything about it
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 10

    How do you normally travel to the office?

    • 59%Train or Tube
    • 17%I never go to the office
    • 6%On foot
    • 6%Bus
    • 6%By bike
    • 6%Drive
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 11

    Do you leave lights and computers switched on when not required?

    • 52%Occasionally
    • 42%Never
    • 6%Often
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 12

    Do you recycle the following for work? Paper/plastic/electronics?

    • 90%Yes
    • 6%No
    • 4%I am not sure
  • 13

    Do you use any disposable products at work?

    • 64%No
    • 18%Other
    • 18%Yes
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 14

    Will you take part in sustainability initiatives?

    • 65%Yes, definitely
    • 35%Depends on the initiatives
    • 0%I am not sure
  • 15

    Do you live in the UK?

    • 76%Yes
    • 24%No