Supporting a more wholesome UK energy sector

Written by Vineeta G - September 24, 2015

At Wholegrain Digital, we are passionate about creating a better world and supporting people, organizations and initiatives working to achieve positive change. One of the things that we are particularly passionate about is renewable energy, which is clean and sustainable. After all, who wants a coal powered website?

This year, our government sadly made the decision to drastically cut subsidies for renewable energy, destabilizing the sector and increasing dependence on large scale energy suppliers and fossil fuels. It’s a regressive move that we feel is both misguided and dangerous.

Alongside many individuals and other companies like Ecotricity and The Energy Workshop, we’ve made a significant contribution to the Energy Bill Facts campaign that has crowd-funded £15,000, to commission independent fact checking organization Full Fact to thoroughly review the government’s claims used to justify the new energy bill. The report should be ready in a few weeks and you can follow progress on their WordPress site at Energy Bill Facts.