FREE Seminar: Reduce Waste, Add More Value To Your Customers

Written by Tom Greenwood - January 13, 2014

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As a business owner or manager you are probably always looking for ways to make your business more efficient, more profitable and to provide better service to your customers.

‘Lean’ is a management principle used by a lot of big organisations to help them operate more efficiently and deliver more value to their customers with less resources.  It is extremely effective and a win-win for the business and the customer, but smaller organisations often don’t have the opportunity to study principles such as Lean and think about how to use them in their organisation.  The concepts can seem complex and inaccessible to anyone that doesn’t have the benefit of a Lean consultant to guide them through it.

Lean Seminars

Lucky for us at Wholegrain Digital, we have the fortune of knowing Lean consultant and business efficiency expert Andrea Darabos of Lean Advantage and have benefited greatly from the advice she has given us.  By breaking things down to make them easy to understand and easy to action, Andrea has helped us to enhance our business using some of the same techniques used by larger organisations.

Lean Advantage Seminars

So what about other small and medium sized organisations?  Couldn’t they benefit from some bite sized Lean tuition?  Absolutely!

That’s why we have teamed up with Lean Advantage to organise a series of seminars at our HQ in Westminster, giving small businesses, charities and social enterprises and easy to understand introduction to Lean principles.

Seminar 1

The first seminar, “Reduce Waste, Add More Value To Your Customers”, will be held at 6pm on Monday 20th January 2014.  It will comprise a 90 minute talk by Andrea followed by 30minutes casual Q&A and networking.    The seminar will cover:

  • How customers think of value
  • The 8 most common types of business wastes
  • How the best businesses optimize themselves for maximum value
  • Why lean thinking is essential for a social enterprise?

Tickets are FREE for clients of Wholegrain Digital and Lean Advantage, £15 for members of Hub Westminster and £20 for general admission.

For more information and book tickets, visit

More seminars

We’ll be announcing more business improvement seminars in partnership with Lean Advantage in the coming weeks, so watch this space.


The first seminar went really well and helped all involved open their eyes to some opportunities to improve efficiency in their business.  It also provided an opportunity for business owners and managers to share experiences and it was interesting to see how their was so much similarity in the practicalities of running what appear to be very different businesses.  It was a small, hands on event and and it was great for us to spend some time with a few of our clients in a different environment.

One of those clients was Rene’e Cleovoulou who runs the semi-permanent make-up business in Spitalfields called The Dermatography Clinic.  Rene’e gave us this lovely testimonial after the event:


Wholegrain Digital have been helping me with developments to my website.  As a small business sometimes you are made to feel that you are not that important and it can be very hard to get the right help.  Wholegrain Digital are professional, friendly and helpful and made me feel that my business matters.  I was even invited to events aimed at helping me and my business grow.  This gave me an opportunity to meet the team and network with other small business owners as well as to take away with me some invaluable business advise.   I am so happy I found Wholegrain Digital, I can rest assured knowing that my website is in good hands.