Semble feature on ITV’s ‘A Planet For Us All’

Written by Rachael B. - October 9, 2020

We’re very excited to share the news that our client, Semble – the UK’s most active platform bringing together business and community groups to create positive change, and pioneers of the global Outdoor Classroom Day movement – recently had one of their campaigns featured in the first episode of ITV’s new documentary series, ‘A Planet For Us All’

This series features Prince William, as he travels around the world meeting inspiring local heroes, exploring whether local action can trigger global change and environmental reform. The team at Semble were very excited about one of their campaigns being featured in this episode, which also featured their hero, Sir David Attenborough!

Among the local heroes Prince William meets in this episode are the ‘Eco Emeralds’, a group of kids from Liverpool who, as a result of their passion for nature and determination to do something to make it more accessible to all children across the UK, persuaded Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation (IFCF) that something needed to be done. The result was the Backyard Nature (BYN) campaign, which, working with Semble, was launched in 2019. 

If you’re as inspired as we are by the power of this purpose-led business and community collaboration, especially when led by a group of forward thinking, passionate primary school children, do head to the Backyard Nature website to learn more and get involved. They are currently running a ‘seedball’ giveaway in conjunction with the release of the documentary, offering free seedball starter packs for community groups and schools. 

If you’re a business that would like to support the Backyard Nature campaign, please contact Semble for further information. If you’d like to get involved on a personal level, you can donate directly, or you could even show your support by signing up to become a BYN Guardian.

If you missed the first episode of ‘A Planet For Us All’, you can still catch it on the ITV website (provided you have a TV license). If you get involved with the Backyard Nature campaign, we’d love to hear about it – do share your support, tagging us and Semble on social media so we can boost this project further!