Podcast Episode 6: Working Collectively

Written by Rachael B. - February 10, 2016

In our first podcast episode of 2016, Tom Greenwood and Ed Murfitt get together again to talk to Will Gardner, fellow Impact Hub resident and CEO of popular millennial sustainability website Collectively.org.

Will shares the story of the origins of Collectively, which was born in 2013 following the Davos World Economic Forum. It was all began with a conversation started by many of the large consumer organisations, who were discussing how they could play a real role in not just acting sustainably themselves but also in creating more demand for sustainable living.

The collaborative project idea, which began as a digital media platform to engage millennials more in the sustainability conversation, was born. Originally called “Future Awesome”, Collectively has now evolved to be so much more than an online sustainability magazine.

Will tells us more about Collectively’s growth and how they have now engaged 28 corporate partners in just 15 months, including the likes of Unilever, BT, Google and our client M&S. He explains how this innovation incubator is stepping up following its recent ‘We Got Power’ initiative, which gave millennials a platform from which to make their desire for clean energy heard.

Will shares his thoughts on the different working cultures between corporate organisations and start-ups, tells us why he loves being part of the Impact Hub community and talks about the challenges of recruiting editorial staff (listen out for a potential job offer if you’re interested!). He also tells us more about the next phase for Collectively and his hopes for the future of a more diverse, flexible and values-based approach to work.

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