Podcast episode 5: Positive Energy

Written by Rachael B. - November 23, 2015

Our latest Wholesome Business podcast is another subject very close to our hearts here at Wholegrain Digital. As you might expect with our commitment to sustainability, we wholeheartedly support renewable energy sources and believe that wind power has a massively important role to play in the future of green energy.

As Paris prepares to host COP 21, at which more than 190 of the world’s countries will be pledging their commitment to climate change in a universal agreement, we talk to Richard Mardon, Chief Executive of Airvolution Energy, about his experience in the wind power sector and his hopes for the future of renewable energy in the UK.

In this episode, our Co-Founder Tom Greenwood is joined by his friend and self proclaimed ‘sustainability nut’ Ed Murfitt. They talk to Richard about his thoughts on how recent changes in government policy have affected the onshore wind power sector, discuss the long term repercussions of this to both the consumer and globally in terms of climate change and consider the possible solutions – from community ownership to crowdfunding.

You can listen using the player below or find and follow our Wholesome Business podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.


Abundance – Making it possible for people to invest in UK renewable energy projects.
Airvolution Energy – Development, construction and operation of onshore wind projects across the UK
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