Podcast Episode 10: The Future of Work and the Future of Everything

Written by Rachael B. - August 3, 2016

In our latest podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting to¬†Sophie Albizua, co-founder of the eNova Partnership and James Bidwell, former Selfridges director and the CEO of Springwise, the world’s biggest trend spotting community. James and Sophie shared their thoughts on the future of work (and everything!) with our designer Hans and co-founder, Tom.

Entrepreneurial energy is driving change

We discussed the fact that the way that work is on the cusp of big changes, with entrepreneurial energy really driving much of this transformation. We also talk about how advancing technology is impacting work, from replacing the need for human labour in some roles to creating opportunities for innovation in others. New technologies are also changing the ways in which we can collaborate and communicate with colleagues. This in turn helps to break the boundaries of how, when and where we can work.

A more purposeful future

The conversation then moves on to the ways in which our cultural expectations have changed (and will continue to) regarding work, which is more and more becoming part of a balanced life rather than something that can tip the scales. We talk about how this more up to date approach informs our desire to do work that has more meaning and what this means for the future.

You can listen to the interview using the player below, or find and follow our Wholesome Business podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Apologies for the poor sound quality of this episode.


  • eNova Partnership – Digital Transformation Consultancy
  • Springwise – The world’s largest idea spotting network