A more sustainable website to match Olio’s mission

Written by Rachael B. - May 17, 2023

We’ve just launched a new website for Olio, and we’re proud to have helped them create an online presence that matches their sustainability-focused mission of moving towards a waste-free world.

Olio is a mobile app for sharing unwanted items. Using the app, you can sell, give away, lend or acquire items for free.

Based on a community sharing model, anything you upload is offered to other app users in your local community. This both fosters community engagement and reduces waste, which is Olio’s mission – to achieve their vision of a world where nothing is wasted.

Image of the Olio 'Home' homepage displayed on a laptop

Decluttering Olio’s online space

When we started working with the Olio team, their existing website homepage produced approximately 2,815kg CO2 per year (based on 100,000 monthly page views). This is the equivalent of driving an average gasoline-powered car for 7,216 miles!

To reduce the carbon emissions on the new site, we created a clean design to match Olio’s new branding, which was rolled out at the same time as the website launch, and focused our digital sustainability efforts on the most visited pages of the Olio website – the homepage, the ‘meet the new look’ page and the ‘download Olio’ page, where users can download the app to their devices.


Better for people and planet

With 7 million users worldwide, the potential carbon emissions of the Olio site are sizeable. However, by keeping their commitment to sustainability front and centre with the creation of their new website, Olio have made their digital prescence not only cleaner and greener, but also more accessible, efficient, performant and user-friendly.

With drastically reduced page load times and a cleaner user journey, the new website is even easier for people to use and saves time, energy and digital carbon emissions – making it both better for those using it, and kinder to the planet.

A digital sustainability success!

We’re proud to share that we’ve achieved a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions on Olio’s new website.

If we consider the hompage again – which you may recall produced 2,815kg C02 per year based on 100,000 monthly page views – the new site now produces approximately 124kg CO2 per year (based on the same number of homepage views). This makes the new website homepage 96% cleaner than before.

We also made considerable carbon savings on the ‘Get involved‘ page, which previously produced approximately 1.18g CO2 every time someone visited this page. On the new site, the same page now  produces just 0.07g CO2, making it 94% cleaner than the old one. With approximately 10,000 monthly page views, this added up to approximately 84.5kg of CO2 on the old page, compared to just 8.94kg on the new page (assuming the same traffic). This means that the new page is saving as much energy and CO2 as it would take to charge 9,191 smartphones!

You can read more about this project over on our case studies page, and if you would like to learn more about our Digital Sustainability services, please get in touch. We’d love to help you green your website!